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Quality Quidditch Supplies - 6007752
8.58 in H
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One of the most exciting things about the wizarding world is Quidditch. As the main sport, Quidditch combines all of the exciting things about Muggle sports but then throws in magical elements.
Drag - U La, Grandpa's Car - 6007746
1.73 in H
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Built by Grandpa Munster in "The Munsters" television series, the Drag-U-La used a real coffin as the body. Grandpa built the vehicle to use in a race to win back the Munster's family vehicle, the Munster Koach that Herman lost in a previous race.
Mickey Mouse Ear Hat Shop - 6007177
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Introduced in 1955 when the Mickey Mouse Club first aired, the popular Mickey Mouse Ears Hat was designed by "Roy" Williams, an adult mouseketeer on the series. It is now a staple for visitors to purchase when they visit any of the Disney themed parks.
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