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Bite Me Cookie Jar - 6009169
10 in H
Retailer Log-in
Add some extra festivity to your table scape with this Snowpinions cookie jar. As a Christmas cookie would say - Bite Me! Designed in the US by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.
Santa Grinch in Chimney S&P - 6009064
4.75 in H
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Sliding down a chimney, this suspicious Santa visits homes to steal cookies and Christmas. Dressed in Claus' cloak and hat, the Grinch impersonates the holiday hero for his devious means. The Grinch and chimney make a darling salt and pepper set.
Grinch Cookie Platter - 6009063
1 in H
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This cookie platter is both festive and fun, displaying a grumpy grinch decal with a playful pun on words. The script reads "Grinch Better Have My Cookies," with a smile on his face, it's likely the Grinch has already eaten them all.
Disney Haunted Mansion S&P - 6009044
3 in H
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This salt and pepper set is inspired by the beloved Disney attraction where guests enter a foreboding estate and watch as the walls stretch and spirits meander. The shakers feature the black and white chamber wallpaper and perusing portraits.
Disney Haunted Mansion Cookie - 6009042
7.5 in H
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Celebrating the timeless Disneyland attraction, this cookie jar belongs in the Haunted Mansion! With a selection of ghosts and gravestones this canister is a jarring sight for any would-be cookie thief. Keep your sweets safe and spirits satisfied.
Zero Cookie Jar - 6008941
13.75 in H
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Jack Skellington's trusty ghost dog, Zero, will keep your cookies contained in his gravestone dog house. Keeping the evil spirits and ants away, he'll keep sweets safe from trick or treaters and ghouls. A perfect addition to any ghost kitchen!
Alien Remix Salt & Pepper - 6008689
3.5 in H
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This pair of Pizza Planet aliens seem to be attending a costume party this evening. Masquerading as salt and pepper, they're wearing Buzz Light Year and Woody the Cowboy costumes to your table. Add some spice to life with these outer space shakers.
ToyStory Alien Cookie Canister - 6008688
10 in H
Retailer Log-in
With out of this world hues and hilarity, this Pixar inspired cookie jar celbrates the Pizza Planet aliens in a new and spectacular light. Weary of The Claw and tiny hands seeking cookies, this jar keeps your sweets safe and aliens amused.
Stitch & Angel Salt & Pepper - 6008687
3.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Stitch and his cuddly counterpart Angel make a darling duet for your dinner table. With noses kissing, the salt and pepper shaker pair hope to add some spice to your life.
Stitch Cookie Jar - 6008686
11 in H
Retailer Log-in
Holding Lilo's disfigured doll, Stitch wears a smile with the knowledge that things don't have to be pretty to be perfect. Much like your hand-frosted cookies, Stitch knows that sweetness is all about what's inside, and he'll keep your treats fresh.
Mickey & Minnie Salt & Pepper - 6008685
3.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
This inseparable couple make a dashing duet for your dinner table. Minnie and Mickey Mouse masquerade as salt and pepper shakers in this stoneware set from Enesco. The playful pair hope to share the secret to their spice for life with you and yours!
Steamboat Willie Cookie Jar - 6008684
10.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
In his first moment in animation, Mickey Mouse enters the Disney landscape as Steamboat Willie. Donning his vintage conductor cap and black & white hue, the mouse wears a smile as he harbors your cookie pile. This jar will steer your sweets to freshness.
Salty Sneezy Salt & Pepper st2 - 6008180
3.125 in H
Retailer Log-in
Add some extra festivity to your table scape with this Snowpinions salt & pepper set. Are you feeling Salty or Sneezy? Designed in the US by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.
Charlie and Lucy Salt & Pepper - 6007234
3.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Charlie and Lucy Salt & Pepper
Sculpted Oogie Boogie Cookie J - 6007228
12.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Presenting Oogie Boogie, the villainous bag of bugs from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas as a festive fully sculpted cookie jar. Perfect for any villain fan or Nightmare Before Christmas enthusiasts ready to decorate for the holidays.
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