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LED Drink Stickers set/5 - 6006887ND
0.13 in H
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Peel off the protective layer and stick to the bottom of any glass for fun lights. 3 modes - steady on, rapid flash or slow flash. Warm white light reflects and amplifies through bottles or glasses. Batteries are not replaceable.
Santa Cam - 6006167
3.54 in H
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The newest addition to your Christmas traditions! A simulated camera with a single red blinking light plus a storybook which tells the story how The Santa Cam Saves Christmas. Includes timer - 6hours on; 18 hours off
21.25 in H
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You Don't Like Them magnet - 6002616
3.5 in H
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Green Eggs and Ham is a tale that motivates us to constantly try new things. In this urban art depicted magnet, Dr. Seuss reminds us the importance of giving new foods, experiences, and friends a chance. Made in the USA
SEUSS You're Off To...  magent - 6002614
3.5 in H
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Thing One and Two skip across this uplifting urban magnet. The Dr. Seuss line, “You’re Off to Great Places” is illustrated in beautiful script that will motivate your days. MADE IN THE USA
You'll Be The Best magnet - 6002613
3.5 in H
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This stylish magnet mimics urban artwork with a Dr. Seuss spin. The rousing line, “You’ll Be the Best of the Best” is accompanied by a spray paint shaped Cat and the Hat’s hat.
Today is Your Day magnet - 6002612
3.5 in H
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Self-expression and art are celebrated in this Dr. Seuss piece. With the beloved line, “Today is Your Day” and a colorful Cat and the Hat, routines become inspired with this whimsical magnet.
Oh The Places magnet - 6002611
3.5 in H
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Dr. Seuss inspires children and adults alike with wise words and wacky rhymes. This trendy magnet combines graffiti type with one of his most memorable phrases, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” with beloved character, the Cat in the Hat. MADE IN THE USA
PNUTS Trouble Maker magnet - 6002601
3.5 in H
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Lucy gets Charlie Brown every time with her last second football-pull prank. Undoubtedly, she is the “Trouble Maker” of the Peanuts crew, and the moment is memorialized in this playful magnet.
PNUTS Dumb Day magnet - 6002600
3.5 in H
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With astounding positivity, Charlie Brown greets the new day with enthusiasm. This in-character magnet reminds readers, “This is Going to be a Dumb Day.”
99% Chance of Sarcasm  magnet - 6002599
3.5 in H
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In this amusing magnet, pals Snoopy and Woodstock deliver the day’s attitude forecast. With a “99% Chance of Sarcasm” this magnetic message is a great reminder for any day.
PNUTS My Anxieties magnet - 6002598
3.5 in H
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Charlie Brown is one of the most famous warriors of worrying. The poor kid always has something on his mind. This magnet captures that constancy with the message, “My Anxieties have Anxieties.”
PNUTS OK Fine Whatever magnet - 6002597
3.5 in H
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Woodstock was the king of “chill” before it became laid back slang. In this fun magnet, our favorite yellow bird relaxes in a lawn chair with shades. The message reads, “Ok. Fine. Whatever.”
PNUTS I Like Naps magnet - 6002596
3.5 in H
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Linus carries his blanket with him everywhere. Besides acting as a built in friend, it makes the perfect accessory for naps. In this darling magnet, Linus rests his eyes next to sleeping Snoopy.
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