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Frost Fair Sled & Sleigh Renta - 4044805
6.1 in H
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Frost Fair Sled & Sleigh Rentals shows has a very festive flavor, freshly painted in bright colors to attract fair goers to the fun activities available. Frost Fair, a grouping that portrays a winter carnival held at the Thames River.
An Evening Stroll - 4044817
2.68 in H
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Properly dressed for the finest of affairs, this lord and lady make their way to the event.
From Across The Pond - 4050940
2.68 in H
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The captain is careful with the cargo that has just arrived from the colonies and oversees the cartons himself. The accessory is hand painted and made of porcelain for Dickens' Village.
The Lincoln Bank - 4044824
6.1 in H
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Letters To Santa, New England - 4050953
2.13 in H
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Three little children line up to drop a special letter into the corner mail box. They hope that Santa will read each and select something special from their list. They've all been good this year! This handpainted accessory is made of porcelain.
Checking For Color - 4050957
2.76 in H
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Two dapper brewmeisters are testing the quality of a new batch of beer. This handpainted accessory is made of porcelain and is part of the New England Village series.
General Store Dropoff - 4050959
2.6 in H
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This accessory would look great outside any general store in a small town. It's the place where all the farmers go to get their supplies. The accessory is made of porcelain and is handpainted for the New England Village series.
Face Plant - 4044849
1.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Oops, look like someone missed the mark and the back of the sled.
North Pole Snow Inspectr Statn - 4049201
5.79 in H
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Taking off for a 24 hour trip on Christmas Eve requires a team of planners and weather trackers. That team is stationed at the North Pole in a clever building reminiscent of a mountain snow cat.
Perfect Snow For Christmas Eve - 4049204
1.77 in H
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It’s not only the amount of snow, but the type of snow that can affect Santa’s take off. Using snowshoes, this pair of techies takes careful readings using the Snow O Meter. Trimmed in real faux fur, our elves will stay warm for hours.
Skip With A Twist - 4050975
1.81 in H
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Elf children use licorice strings as a handy alternate to a jump rope! This handpainted accessory is made of porcelain and is part of the North Pole series.
Sidewalk Shoe Repair - 4036500
1.93 in H
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Out among the people, this sidewalk repairman offers to fix your shoe while you wait! Made of porcelain and handpainted for Christmas in the City.
Support Your Polars! - 4030747
1.57 in H
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Fundraising at its best! Get a clean car and help out the local sports team raise some funds! Go team!
Snow Village Sleigh Ride - 4036584
3.54 in H
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This family is all bundled up to take a ride in the onehorse open sleigh. Looks like everyone is having a great time!
Fiesta Al Fresco - 4042412
4.72 in H
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When eating outside, it's always nice to sit at a table with an umbrella, or in this case, one with a sombrero awning! Ole!
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