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2019 Munsters PPK - 4062304
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Includes 2 each of all the NEW July 2019 Village Munster introductions.
1313 Mockingbird Lane - 6005631
8.66 in H
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Based on the popular television series, The Munsters are a family of friendly monsters who have one fun misadventure after another. They made their home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights. Add a classic touch to your Halloween decor.
Herman Munster - 6005635
3.375 in H
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Herman Munster, this almost Frankenstein look-alike, was a gentle giant, a little intimidating, but always loveable. Add a classic touch to your Halloween décor.
Lily Munster - 6005636
3 in H
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Lily Munster wasn’t Donna Reed or June Clever, but as the mother of this motley monster clan, Lily Munster was the perfect homemaker, and wife. Add a classic touch to your Halloween décor.
Eddie & Marilyn Munster - 6005637
2.875 in H
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Edward Wolfgang Munster was the only child of Lily and Herman Munster. His cousin, Marilyn, a pretty, very normal looking young woman also lived with the Munsters, and sometimes looked a little out of place. Add a classic touch to your Halloween décor.
Grandpa - 6005638
3 in H
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A wickedly funny addition to the Munster family, Grandpa was Lily Munster’s father. He had a pet bat named Igor and often offered gruesome bits of advice to the youngsters. Add a classic touch to your Halloween décor.
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