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Lit Snowman w/ Earmuff Fig - 4055267
5.08 in H
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This adorable snowman is all lit up for the holiday season. They wear earmuffs with textured flocking and a gentle smile that glows with the LED lights.
Ruby Figure - 4053192
6.37 in H
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Ruby is as glamorous as they come. Don’t let her angel wings fool you; she is ready to paint the town red in celebration of the Department 56 40th anniversary celebration! Her red gemstone and feathery adornment give her plenty of personality.
Better With Age Ornament - 4053142
3 in H
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Just like a fine wine, everyone knows women just get better with age! Celebrate your vivacious girlfriends with this fun piece. This ornament is hand-sculpted out of bisque porcelain, features a decalled sentiment tag and is accented with real knit.
More To Love Ornament - 4053140
3 in H
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We've all been there. The holidays come and go and you're left wondering why your jeans don't fit! Oh well, that just means there's more to love! This ornament is hand-sculpted out of bisque porcelain and features a decalled sentiment tag and real knit.
Wanna-Be Santa Ornament - 4053092
3 in H
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This little snowman wants to be so much like Santa that he even dresses the part! He wears a big fluffy beard and a red, hand-knit cap with a sentiment tag that reads, “wanna-be-Santa.”
Roadtrip Figure - 4051468
5 in H
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An adventurous little snowman hits the open road on his motorcycle. With winter on the horizon, he rides prepared in a red, hand-knit cap to keep warm.
First Word Ornament - 4051461
2.8 in H
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This snowman couldn’t be happier that their snowbaby started talking and its first word was mama! The sentiment tag reads, “first word.” Snowman wears a red hand-knit head warmer.
First Bath Ornament - 4051460
2.76 in H
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Don't forget the rubber ducky! This snowman thinks a baby’s first bubble bath is something to remember. A red, hand-knit towel waits for the snowman when he gets out of the bath. The sentiment tag reads, “first bath.”
First Haircut Ornament - 4051457
2.99 in H
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Mom and Dad never forget baby’s first haircut. Celebrate the monumental event with this snowman ornament sporting a new ‘do and earmuffs with textured flocking. The sentiment tag reads, “first haircut.”
All In A Twitter Snowbird Orn - 4051450
2.52 in H
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This little snowbird with glistening wings is flustered by its brand-new, red, hand-knit hat and scarf and just has to spread the news. The sentiment tag reads, “all-in-a-twitter.”
The Trouble With Cats Ornament - 4045159
3.5 in H
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This snowman has a soft spot for feline friends. A kitty cat in a red, hand-knit scarf sits atop a snowman’s head, but it doesn’t seem to mind! The sentiment tag reads, “The Trouble with Cats.”
Let's Be Jolly Ornament - 4045156
3 in H
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Nothing says jolly like a festive holiday wreath, complete with bow. This snowman will bring the jolly to your home! Snowpinions®, a line of sometimes-sweet and sometimes-sassy snowmen, is designed by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.
I Need My Glasses Ornament - 4039416
3.25 in H
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This snowman needs their wine glasses more than their reading glasses. This double-fisting snowman wears a red, hand-knit cap and a sentiment tag that reads, “I Need My Glasses.”
Top It Off Ornament - 4037342
2.75 in H
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Keep your snow friends warm with this 2.75” hanging porcelain ornament from the Snowbabies Celebrations line. A Snowbaby finishes creating a new snowman friend by dressing him in a red, hand-knit scarf and cap.
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