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Bucket 'O Bits To Go - 6003225
3.5 in H
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The zombies of Halloween Village love to grab a few bites at the Road Kill Grill, where the meet is always ripe. These three young cadavers have made off with a bucket of bits to go...don't look inside if you have a weak stomach.
Eternal Love - 6003170
3.5 in H
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Til death do us part...or do we? These married spirits depart for the afterlife together, bidding their living relatives goodbye as they proceed to carry on with their undying love for eternity.
Lighting Wicked Waxes - 6003168
3.375 in H
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The one-eye, hunchbacked owner of Wicked Waxes looks like he might be on his second life, but no one questions the efficiency of his multicolored candles. In fact, no one dares question him at all...
Dalton's Menagerie Of Friends - 6003167
2.375 in H
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Dalton the dollmaker's collection of mismatched toys are the fuel of nightmare for children and adults alike. And Dalton has a no-return policy, no exceptions; even if you find his creepy creations in places you didn't leave them. Buyer beware...
Day of the Dead House - 6003161
8.07 in H
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While Americans celebrate Halloween at the end of October, our neighbors south of the border celebrate a Day of the Dead in honor of deceased loved ones. This Mexican home has been decorated for the holiday with colorful skulls, known as calaveras.
Santa Comes to Town, 2019 - 6003152
3.82 in H
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Remember the Christmas of 2019 forever with this special annual piece featuring Santa, one of his loyal reindeer and a sleigh full of presents, engraved with the year. Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Santa Comes to Town.
Santa's Plane - 6003151
1.69 in H
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Santa can fly more than just a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer. He's got his very own Christmas plane at the North Pole, always kept in top-notch shape by a team of expert elf mechanics.
Aviator Santa - 6003150
3.3 in H
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Dressed in leathers, Santa checks his list before takeoff.
Beginner's Luck - 6003149
2.4 in H
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When Tommy took Nancy out for a day of ice fishing, he was expecting some holiday bonding time with his girlfriend. He wasn't expecting her to catch all the fish; now he loves her more than ever.
Choosing The Perfect Tree - 6003148
3.74 in H
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Grandma and Grandpa are very specific about their Christmas trees; it has to be light enough to carry into the living room and short enough not to scrape the ceiling, but strong enough to hang ornaments for all their grandchildren.
One Giant Step! - 6003147
2.3 in H
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When Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the surface of the moon, he inspired children across America to imitate his heroic feat by dressing up as astronauts. Who knows? Maybe some of them grew up to follow in his historic footsteps!
Dad's Turn To Cook - 6003146
3.54 in H
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When Mom needs a night off from the kitchen, Dad takes the family out for a tasty and filling meal at Scooter's Diner.
Merry Christmas, Pastor - 6003145
3.35 in H
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As the Christmas Eve service comes to an end, a kindly woman thanks her pastor with the gift of a beautiful poinsettia.
2.3 in H
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Based on the classic Norman Rockwell painting, a young boy prepares to take a spoonful of medicine as his companionable canine watches from a crate.
Play Ball! - 6003142
2.95 in H
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She may have a few screws loose and her fashion sense is a few decades out of style, but all-American Aunt Bethany is a loving family woman who's always eager to share her cooking.
Making Christmas Brite - 6003141
3.74 in H
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Determined to stand out for the holidays, this eager Villager decorates his Christmas tree with Brite Lites to draw the attention of the entire neighborhood.
Blue Skies Airport - 6003139
7.95 in H
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Recognizing the history of smaller regional airports, Blue Skies pays tribute to small plane pilots and hobbyists. The control tower offers 360 views and includes a flashing warning light. The wing shaped window hoods reflect art-deco styling.
Stumble Inn Fish Shack - 6003138
3.9 in H
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Whoever said the fishing season ends when the lake freezes over? This mobile fishing shack offers a warm heater and a cold beer to keep Villagers cozy as they try their luck at ice fishing.
Village Farms Tree Lot - 6003137
6.3 in H
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Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a time-honored holiday tradition which dates back centuries. Bring the pine-scented joy of Christmas to your Village with this old-fashioned tree lot.
Neil's TV & Repair - 6003136
8.27 in H
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In July of 1969, people across America gathered in front of their televisions to witness history in the making as our astronauts took mankind’s giant first step on the moon. Features Lit TV screens in the display window which show moon landing images.
Scooter's Diner - 6003135
6.1 in H
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When it's cold and dark outside there's little more comforting than eating some greasy American food at your local diner. Includes an interior scene, animated road sign and a vibrant paint job reflective of its warm atmosphere.
Mount Olive Church - 6003134
10.2 in H
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Piercing the silence of the night, the bell from Mount Olive tower rings throughout the valley, gathering all to midnight service. Red brick and white clapboard mix well with the slate roof and stained glass looking windows, creating an iconic church.
Rockwell's Doctor's Office - 6003133
9.45 in H
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Nobody captures the essence of “The Good Old Days” quite like Norman Rockwell. The good doctor of Snow Village takes some extra time, so that his young patient can be assured that ‘Dolly’ is in good health. Features “Doctor and Doll” image.
Aunt Bethany's House - 6003132
8.07 in H
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Aunt Bethany has become a fan-favorite character from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s no surprise that her house matches Aunt Bethany’s eclectic and colorful personality.
Brite Lites Holiday House - 6003131
6.69 in H
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Every neighborhood has a house that goes out of its way to be noticed for the holidays. This once-modest home uses a pair of towering Brite Lites trees and a rooftop Season's Greetings sign to make sure it's the most eye-popping house in the Village.
They Came, They Sawed - 6003125
2.5 in H
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Santa's elves have the luxury of being able to saw down their very own Christmas trees from the North Pole's sprawling pine forests. This tends to be a two-elf job.
Static Electricity Expert - 6003124
1.5 in H
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The head elf scientist of North Lights Power is rumored to be a bit eccentric, but no one questions his results. That wild hairdo is an occupational hazard of working with electricity all day.
She'll Be Belle Of The Ball - 6003123
2.1 in H
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Mrs. Claus has all of her scarlet dresses custom-sewn at A Stich in Yule Time. The precise and diligent elf knitters are the only ones in the world she trusts to prepare her fashionable attire for evenings spent with Santa at the Jolly Dance Club.
Coca-Cola Special Delivery - 6003122
3.07 in H
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The elves of the Coca Cola bottling factory deliver boxes of fresh bottles to their fellow elves by sleigh. Sometimes tired polar bear cubs even hitch a ride.
The Pause That Refreshes - 6003121
1.57 in H
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When it's time to take a break from toy-making, the best way for a hardworking elf to relax and unwind is with an ice cold bottle of Coca Cola.
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