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The Dr. is In Cookie Jar - 6007236
9.6 in H
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Who needs psychiatric Help when you have a jar full of cookies? The iconic Peanuts Comic strip and animated short comes to life in this three dimensional cookie jar featuring Snoopy and “Doctor in training” Lucy.
Charlie and Lucy Salt & Pepper - 6007234
3.25 in H
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Charlie and Lucy Salt & Pepper
A Treat For Woodstock - 6005593
1.625 in H
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Woodstock is Snoopy's best mate and sidekick. They always watch each others backs and share lots of laughs. This Halloween celebrate friendship with this sentimental Peanut's accessory. Sharing candy with his pal, these two are adorably sweet.
Trick-Or-Treating with Peanuts - 6005592
2.875 in H
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The Peanuts go trick or treating in this classic character village accessory. Lucy wears a warty witch's mask while Charlie Brown dresses as a ghost with too many eye-holes. He's hopeful he'll get more than rocks this year!
Peanuts Haunted House - 6005589
5.5 in H
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This house is a spooky sight! With broken windows and an entry off it's hinges, the Peanuts are sure to stay clear of this place. Or will curiosity lead them down the open cellar doors? With bats soaring, this Halloween will be anything but boring.
Santa Snoopy Delivering Gifts - 6011085
7 in H
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Ho Ho Ho! Santa Snoopy is on his way with a sack full of gifts. Delivered to you with love, this figurine set is full of holiday cheer.
Decorating the Tree Figurine - 6011084
7.5 in H
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Snoopy and his BFF Woodstock are here to put the final touches on the tree. Woodstock may not be the most graceful flyer, but with the help of Snoopy, this dynamic duo will leave you happy dancing with the perfect tree.
Snoopy Dancing! - 6003313
3.71 in H
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Animated and musical. Plays famous version of “Linus and Lucy”. Just like in the Holiday Special, Snoopy and Schroeder find it hard to rehearse so Snoopy dances on the piano. Adjustable volume control.
The Beagle Has Landed - 6003312
5.51 in H
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Determined to earn the illustrious title of first dog and bird on the moon, Snoopy and Woodstock try their luck as astronauts. One giant leap for canine and avian-kind!
Snoopy's Root Beer Cafe - 6001194
8.25 in H
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When in need of a frothy mug of root beer to east the troubles of a hard day at school, Charlie Brown and friends stop by Snoopy's Root Beer Cafe for a cold drink.
Woodstock in Water dish S&P - 6002278
3.875 in H
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Woodstock is all nestled in Snoopy's water dish in this clever salt and pepper shaker made from high quality stoneware. This two piece set coordinates perfectly with the Snoopy dog house cookie jar (6004161).
CB and Snoopy Baseball S&P - 6002277
3.425 in H
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Supper time? This clever and comical 2 piece salt and pepper set featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy is produced from high quality stoneware. Presented in window box packaging.
Kite-Eating Tree - 4053056
4.92 in H
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Poor ol' Charlie Brown, his kite has been eaten by the "Kite Eating Tree" -- again! This delightful accessory tells the whole story and it made of resin and meticulously hand painted.
Campfire Buddies - 4047194
2 in H
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Woodstock has brought many of his feathery friends to join Snoopy around the campfire. With marshmallow sticks in hand, there will be singing around the campfire tonight. The hand painting and detail is the best!
Easter Beagle Box - 4043255
5.35 in H
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Celebrate Easter with the most beloved comic strip characters written and illustrated by Charles Schultz. Considered among the greatest comic strips of all time, Peanuts characters will surely make your holidays unforgettable.
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