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Clap On - 6004217
4.25 in H
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Wearing red earmuffs, a red cheeked walrus looks to a Snowbaby for direction. The Snowbaby claps its hands together instructively for the marine creature to follow with flippers.
Quit Elfin' Around - 6004216
4.5 in H
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This Snowbaby won't stop elfin' around. On top of a reindeer the green and red robed Snowbaby pulls at the jingle bell harness playfully.
Snow Words of Wisdom - 6004215
3 in H
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A snowman tips rolls down to be eye to eye with a perplexed Snowbaby. With matching winter accessories, the pair are infatuated with one another.
Peace & Love Ornament - 6004213
3.25 in H
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Wearing flare pants, large peace symbol necklace and a flower behind its ear, this Snowbaby is straight out of the 70s. The flower child brings peace and love from its hand sign to its toes.
Oh Snap Ornament - 6004212
3.125 in H
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Capture every moment this season with this adorable photographer. Looking for the perfect shot, this Snowbaby holds her little camera patiently, along with a bag to store the prints!
Swing the Day Away Ornament - 6004209
3 in H
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This swing was built for two. Snowbaby and bear friend share the seat as they happily swing the day away.
Play Ball - 6004208
3.75 in H
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One Snowbaby winds up with a baseball bat while the other plays catcher in this sporty figurine set. With the baseball balanced on the tee, these two are ready for game time.
Santa's Llama Drama - 6003550
4.625 in H
Retailer Log-in
Santa's delivery in halted by his lazy guide. Instead of reindeer a llama has been reigned into leading the sleigh. While Santa and Snowbaby urge the sleigh forward, they are met with some llama drama. Limited to Year of Production.
Sweet Blessings Ornament - 6003549
2.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
This Snowbaby rests its eyes for just a moment while rocking the cradle back and forth. The little one inside can sleep soundly with it's protector near by. The cradle reads, "Sweet Blessings."
Follow Your Dreams - 6003548
4.75 in H
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Bespectacled sitting atop a bundle of books, a Snowbaby reads composedly. Wearing a graduate cap, this studious tyke encourages others to follow their dreams. Can easily be personalized for a great graduation gift!
Peaceful Kingdom Lion Ornament - 6003547
2.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Resting peacefully together on branch, this Snowbaby pets the king of the jungle. Crowned and purring, the lion smiles fondly at the youngster.
Won't You Guide My Sled? - 6003545
4.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
With a puppy outfitted in jingle bell and reindeer ears, this Snowbaby has formulated the perfect plan for sled riding. Hoisting a bone on a string in front of the pup, the Snowbaby's sled will be moving soon enough.
Tangled In Trimmings - 6003544
6.375 in H
Retailer Log-in
Snowbaby has caught a polar bear in this affectionate porcelain figurine. Tangled in lights baby and bear smile at each other lovingly.
Peaceful Kingdom Llama Ornamen - 6003543
2.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
There's no drama between this llama and Snowbaby. Arms tight around the llama's neck, the child closes its eyes, cherishing the hug.
Peaceful Kingdom Giraffe Ornam - 6003542
2.625 in H
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The Snowbaby easily befriends animals tall and small. Even giant giraffes cuddle and coo around the kind kids. Huddled together, the Snowbaby gives the giraffe the softest pats in this touching figurine.
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