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Santa Cam - 6006167
3.54 in H
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The newest addition to your Christmas traditions! A simulated camera with a single red blinking light plus a storybook which tells the story how The Santa Cam Saves Christmas. Includes timer - 6hours on; 18 hours off
Grinch Mittens - 6006061
1.5 in H
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Keep your little ones toasty all winter-long with these Sherpa fleece Grinch mittens. The wrists are cinched to ensure optimal dryness. The Grinch's face is embroidered on the top of each mitten and his heart on the bottom. Youth one size fits most.
Grinch Hat - 6006060
1 in H
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Keep your little ones toasty all winter-long with this Sherpa fleece Grinch hat. Designed to be worn un-cuffed or cuffed for a tighter fit, it will surely keep your little ones warm all season. Youth: one size fits most.
XMBAR Bluebird Ornament - 6006057
3 in H
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My blue color is calming, my sweet chirp is bright. My message is simple but will uplift your life. Each day as you pass my way, smiles and a happy heart will be yours all day. You'll find your spirit is lighter and your days will be much brighter.
Happiness Lives Here Signage - 4062233
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One foam core mountable sign for store display. Tells the story of the Bluebird Orn - 6006057.
Blue Bird Orn PPK w DSPLYR - 4062231
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Includes 24 Happiness Lives Here Blue Bird Ornaments plus a white wire displayer.
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