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The Addams Fam Carriage House - 6004825
6.1 in H
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Designed to match the Addams Family Home, this carriage house is the perfect compliment to this eclectic family’s compound.
Thrill Seeking With Fester - 6004271
2.15 in H
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Any day is a great day for a drive with Uncle Fester, but mild, clear skies are the best for a spin in this classic convertible.
Granny Frump - 6004287
2.05 in H
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No one's quite sure who's grandmother she is, but the Addams' Granny Frump is a good-natured old witch who is instantly recognizable by her fringed shawl.
Cousin It - 6004272
1.7 in H
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With hair streaming from head to toes so thickly that every word he speaks is muffled, Cousin It may just be the oddest member of the Addams Family, which is saying quite a lot.
The Addams Family Crypt - 6004270
4.95 in H
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The Addams Family crypt is haunted by ghosts of relatives past, who occasionally rise from the grave to party and wreck havoc.
Lurch, The Butler - 6002950
3.03 in H
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You rang? Lurch may be frighteningly large, but this mild-mannered and eternally loyal butler is always ready to provide prompt service to his morbid masters, the Addams Family.
Wednesday And The Boy Pugsley - 6002952
1.34 in H
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Strange siblings create new ways to play with dolls.
Uncle Fester - 6002951
3.27 in H
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Lightbulb in the mouth! A fan favorite. Would work in the Snow Village Halloween as well.
Gomez And Morticia - 6002949
2.76 in H
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The leaders of our family, Gomez and Morticia strike a classic pose, creating the perfect complimentary accessory for the house.
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