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Snow Village, Building Christm - 6007267
6.89 in H
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Reminiscent of children in the 1950s, our little boy is dressed as he would have been then, putting his own scarf on the snowman, tree branches and a discarded stove pipe hat complete the snowman’s look. Set of 4 includes snow and tree.
Rest In Peace, 2020 - 6007272
6 in H
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The architecture of this crypt includes two LED lit lanterns that flank the ached doorway that has been left slightly ajar – does this that the spirits have escaped? Or are they inviting us inside? The interior LED lights rotate from purple to orange.
Red's Roach Coach - 6007273
5.5 in H
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2nd in a series of ceramic, hand painted food trucks designed for the Halloween series, this converted trailer sells pickled slugs, fried hoppers and toasted maggots – yum! An inviting little sign out front calls Get ‘em while their HOT.
You Are What You Eat - 6007275
4 in H
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Coordinates with “Red’s Roach Coach” 6007273. This hand painted resin accessory is perfect to place just outside of the Roach Coach. It features the head chef, Red offering a tasty sample to a young visitor.
Rat-Catcher - 6007276
3.25 in H
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This hand painted resin accessory coordinates “Rest In Peace, 2020”. The cemetery attendant tidies up and pushes along a cart filled with feed for the rats who like to hang around the “Ratsinberg” crypt.
Christmas Market, Wine Booth - 6007260
5.2 in H
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We salute the traditional Glühwein, warm spiced mulled wine that is sold during the Christmas Markets. These markets have been an important part of the holiday season for hundreds of years. Set of 2.
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