As in years past, you are still able to order these retired pieces while supplies last. The Village retirement list is available by clicking the link below.


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Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House - 6000570
14.25 in H
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Considered one of the best examples of his prairie style architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House was built in the Hyde Park neighborhood near Chicago. Completed in 1910, Robie House was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1967.


Poe's Perch Aviary - 4056704
7.95 in H
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Vultures, crows, bats and ravens are just some of the flying creatures that await adoption at Poe’s Perch Aviary. Building features scary bird sounds and animated flying creatures.
Flattop Barbershop - 6000638
7.5 in H
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The rotating barber pole signifies to everyone on Main Street that Flattop Barbershop is the place for the best haircut in town. Whether a traditional trim or the latest trends, the Flattop barbers are sure to give you the finest look for the holidays.
Coca Cola Bottle Caps - 4056665
7.36 in H
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At the North Pole, this very unique factory specializes in producing Coca-Cola bottle caps. Filled with the iconic logo and bottle cap designs, this brightly lit animated building features a spinning conveyor belt.
Golden Cross Church Box Set - 4056679
7.09 in H
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Box set includes lit house, accessory, tree and snow. In Snow Village, Christmas Eve is especially beautiful at Golden Cross Church. The snow outside reflects a kaleidoscope of color cast from the stained glass windows that adorn Golden Cross.
Charcoal Grinding Building - 6002300
3.85 in H
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Hard Sugar Maple wood is burned several times a week to create an all important ingredient for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. After the burn, the charcoal is finished at the Charcoal Grinding Building where it is then stored in the silo structure.
Jack On Spiral Hill - 6002299
9.17 in H
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The icon scene for Nightmare features Jack on the hill, with the full moon rising in the background. This year, Disney celebrates the 25th anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas. Extra touches of silver paint highlight this special edition.
American Gothic, Set of 2 - 4056684
5.79 in H
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Inspired by perhaps one of the most famous American paintings “American Gothic” by Grant Wood, this set of 2 includes the well know farm couple. Designed in the Carpenter Gothic architectural style the house was built in the 1880s.


Rest in Peace, 2018 - 6002304
7.48 in H
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Sixth in a continuing series. Limited to Year of Production. Dated 2018 above the door. The perfect complement to the 2017 set, or as stand alone, this set of 4 includes 2 wrought iron fence sections, and coordinating vampire fighting priest.
The Haunted Cemetery Shed - 4056701
5.51 in H
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The most horrifying place on Halloween night: the cemetery next to the Haunted Church. This cemetery shed holds tools, a wheelbarrow, coffins, headstones and decorative flowers, all used as the grounds are prepared. The green light casts a creepy glow.
Fortunato The Vulture Trainer - 4056712
9.57 in H
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This coordinating accessory is actually a part of the Halloween Cross Product brand. In case you need a vulture trained, Fortunato is the man for you! He is a master trainer and works with all kinds of birds of prey.
Holiday Balloon Ride - 6001685
10 in H
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Animated Nightmare - 4057615
7.87 in H
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It definitely would be a nightmare for anyone to get caught in the spider's giant web. The spider moves and the victim squirms to try to get away. The set of 5 includes an adapter.
Village Friends Cocoa Cart Kit - 6001320
3.74 in H
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Our Village Friends enthusiast group is on its second year and we are thrilled to bring you a new Cocoa cart to add to your collection. This charming matte finish piece coordinates beautifully in your Heritage Village scenes.


Villlage Friends Cocoa Kit - 6001319
3.74 in H
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Our Village Friends enthusiast group is on its second year and we are thrilled to bring you a new Cocoa cart to add to your collection. This charming ceramic piece coordinates beautifully in your Snow Village scene.
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