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Autumn Splendor Trees, St/2 - 4054271
9 in H
Each standing 9" tall, these posable bare trees have fall coloring that will look great in an autumnal display of with Halloween. They are sold as a set of 2.
Skull Tree - 4054270
6.3 in H
What could be creepier than a bunch of skulls hanging around in the branches of a bare tree? When you add piles of skulls at the base then you call it the "Skull Tree."
Purple Sparkle BB Tree, St/2 - 4054269
8 in H
Purple is the new creepy color to add to your Village display. This set of 2 wired trees will sparkle and are completely bendable.
Autumn Trees, Set of 8 - 4054268
2.76 in H
Colored in all the shades of the fall rainbow, our set of eight sisals each come with a separate dark basis and can be used together or spread around your Halloween Village display. They run in height from 1.25" to 3" in height.
Lit Halloween Lawn Décor - 4054267
2.28 in H
Adding colorful characters to the front lawn includes this witch, ghost and Frankenstein figure. This set of three pieces includes a battery operated power source that can be converted with 56.55026 AC/DC adapter. (sold separately).
Lit Stacked Jack-O-Lanterns - 4054266
2.36 in H
A popular custom of stacking jack o lanterns on top of each other has come to the Snow Village Halloween. This set of 2 is hand painted and lights using a battery unit. This also lights using 56.55026 adapter (sold separately.)
Boneyard Spooky Signs - 4054263
2.09 in H
The creepy set of 2 signs warn visitors to "Get Out " and "While You Can". Each is supported using spare body parts. The pieces are resin and hand painted.
Boneyard Straight Fence - 4054261
1.85 in H
This set of 2 straight fence pieces work with the Boneyard Gate (4054260) and the Boneyard Corner Fence (4065262). They are not guaranteed to keep the spooks inside the graveyard. Made of resin with hand painted details.
Boneyard Gate - 4054260
4.25 in H
Using materials at hand, bones and skulls make up part of the graveyard gate. Perhaps it was designed to keep the spooks in rather than out. Use with the Boneyard straight fence (4054261) and Boneyard Corner fence (4054262).
Creepy Creatures Venus Fly Tra - 4054259
2.5 in H
This is a plant with a bad reputation -- the Venus Fly Trap. Does it trap more than insects? It may! Made of resin and hand painted. You will want several for a creepier effect.
Creepy Creatures Dog House - 4054257
2.5 in H
The sign over the door says it all -- "Beware of Dog". The dog does not seem to be there -- oh, look closely, are those his eyes we see? The piece is sculpted of resin and is hand painted.
Noah Scape Grave - 4054255
2.5 in H
A new level of creepiness has come to the Village graveyard, Noah Scape has left his grave! And where we'll find him, no one knows! The open grave site is sculpted in resin and is hand painted.
Black Cat Bench - 4054254
2.88 in H
They say it is bad luck to cross the path of a black cat -- but what about sitting on a creepy park bench with one? Ours is made of resin and hand painted.
Boneaventure - 4054251
3.78 in H
Collectors wait every year to see what our Village skeleton can be found doing -- this year he is out on a hiking adventure!
Rest In Peace, 2016 - 4054250
6.38 in H
There are some great details included on the dated crypt for 2016. Notice the detailed cob web, skull and raven outside near the moss growing on the "stone." Powered with battery or can be converted to AC/DC adapter (56.55026), sold separately.
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