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Day Of The Dead Dogs - 6007722
1.5 in H
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Sugar skulls in the shape of dogs, canine artwork and even costumed pooches are common sights on Day of the Dead.
Halloween Festive Signs - 6007721
4.25 in H
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Painted in traditional orange and black, these street signs help trick-or-treaters to find their way, even after dark.
Day of the Dead Garland - 6007720
1.38 in H
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It is tradition to honor the dead with flowers on the "Day of the Dead". This set of two garlands of fall flowers can be added for a little extra color on many "Day of the Dead" pieces- the church, the house, street signs or fences.
Trad'l LIT Hlwn Trees set of 2 - 6007718
7 in H
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Nothing says Halloween like the look of black and orange stripes. Sold as a set of 2 these lit trees are battery operated but are compatible with AC/DC adapters 4035316, 56.55026 or 56.53500
Dark Shawdows Backdrop Tree - 6007717
14 in H
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This large 14 inch tree, black solid black, will be perfect as a backdrop to your Halloween Village display. Large displays may look great with two or more of the "outstanding" trees.
Haunted Slime Tree - 6007716
9 in H
Retailer Log-in
This tree has been officially "slimed". Whether it came from local teenagers or the monster from the lagoon, who knows? It's a great addition for a little color in your Halloween Village.
Lit Black Garland - 6007715
0.375 in H
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These black LED lit garlands with add an extra touch of spooky to your Halloween display. They can be added anywhere you think you need a little extra light.
Purple Night Lights - 6007714
4.375 in H
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Purple is a spooky color to add to your Halloween display. These purple street lights come in a set of two, are battery operated and can be converted to AC power using 56.55026 adapter.
Creepy Country Street Lights - 6007713
2 in H
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Light up the pathway in your Halloween Village display with this set of two street lights. They add just the right amount of spook to the night!
String of Lit Autumn Leaves - 6007712
0.375 in H
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Add a little color and light wherever you'd like with this string of LED lights shaped like yellow or orange leaves. Perfect for fall or Halloween.
Hand Delivered Mail - 6007710
2.75 in H
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When the post box opens, there is a little personal service included. A bony hand reaches out to hand over the mail. This is the perfect addition outside every house on Trick-or-Treat Lane.
Pumpkins, November 1st - 6007709
0.5 in H
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Always found the night after a little Halloween fun, this set of 2 smashed pumpkins will make the visitors to your Halloween Village smile and recall the times they might have smashed a pumpkin or two.
Fright Night Lit Base - 6007708
7 in H
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This vignette accessory has all the makings of a frightful scene -- a black sisal with orange LED lights, a rickety black fence, spooky bare tree, pumpkins and a gravestone. Perfect near the cemetery or in the front yard.
Halloween Gate - 6007707
4 in H
Retailer Log-in
Black sisal trees flecked with orange glitter flank each side of the old iron gate. A carved pumpkin stands watch on the stone column. Use this versatile piece anywhere a fence is needed.
Frankenstein's Water Tower - 6007706
11.42 in H
Retailer Log-in
Our Frankenstein water tower is inspired by the character created by British author Mary Shelly who wrote the book in the 1818 novel.
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