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Rest in Peace, 2019 - 6004824
7.13 in H
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Gargoyles add a frightful touch to the Gothic architecture of this year’s annual crypt. Dated 2019 over the door, a small colony of bats escape for the night. The creepiest part of all? The skeleton emerging from his grave with a lit jack-o-lantern.
Kettle Black Hedges - 6004340
1.25 in H
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Three jet black hedge rows, perfect for lining the lawns of your Halloween Village.
Halloween Sparkle Shrubs - 6004338
2.5 in H
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Four brambly shrubs with sparkly orange leaves. A great addition to the front lawns of your Halloween Village.
Oct Sparkle Bare Branch Trees - 6004337
10 in H
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Two spook-tacularly sparkly leafless trees, one orange and one purple. A peculiar yet striking way to add flair to your Halloween Village.
Lit Ghosts - 6003303
2.75 in H
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A trio of spooky ghosts that glow with ethereal light, ready to haunt the dark alleys and tombstone rows of your Halloween Village.
Halloween Street Lamps - 6003301
4.875 in H
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These jack-o-lantern topped street lamps can be used to light the way for all of the trick-or-treaters, ghosts, witches and monsters of Halloween Village.
Day of the Dead Shrine - 6003299
3 in H
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An authentic portrayal of the type of shrine one uses to pray for the spirits of their deceased family members on the Day of the Dead.
Day of the Dead Street Lights - 6003232
3.875 in H
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A funky pair of street lights featuring skulls wearing sombreros. A delightful way to light up your Day of the Dead Village.
Day of the Dead Sign - 6003230
1.75 in H
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A fancy Day of the Dead sign decorated with a calavera. A nice gateway to a Day of the Dead themed addition to your Halloween Village.
Bad News Paperboy - 6003229
3 in H
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If the ghosts and ghouls want to catch up with the dreadful happenings of Halloween Village, they need only buy a copy of The Ghastly Gazette off their local undead paper boy.
Haunted Pumpkin Bench - 6003226
1.5 in H
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Tired from a long night of trick or treating? Take a seat on this slightly spooky bench. Just don't try to move the jack-o-lantern; he won't take kindly to it...
Wicked Wax Lamps - 6003221
4.25 in H
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A pair of candle lamps which are as rustic as they are eerie. Just the sort of thing a witch would use to cast frightening flickers of light on her front lawn.
Skelfie - 6003220
3.25 in H
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Being dead for so long that your flesh rots off isn't an excuse not to keep up with the trends of today! This cadaver couple poses for a selfie to show off their bone-tan to all their fiendish friends. And yes, the camera really flashes!
Bat Kite Fright - 6003219
10.44 in H
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As the wicked wind howls of a ghastly night, a young vampire entertains himself by taking his bat-shaped kite out for a frightful flight.
Festive Halloween Sisals - 6001756
12 in H
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