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Moving With Magic - 6002303
3.9 in H
Retailer Log-in
Ask any Witch Hollow sister, the best way to move a heavy box – levitation.
Witch Hollow Supply Car - 6002302
3.39 in H
Retailer Log-in
Whether it’s Toads, Shoes, and Hats, or Bats, Brooms and Cats – Witch Hollow Supply has everything the sisters need to keep a witchy colony thriving. All the fun details, including our iconic and expressive lit jack-o-lantern, have been included.
Bringing The Bones - 6000670
3.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Zombie brings a wheelbarrow full of fresh ‘Premium Grade Bones’ to the mill.
Jokes Over - 6000669
3.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Unfortunately, when clowns go coo-coo, they require an upright gurney, and need to be strapped down tight.


Green With Envy - 6000667
3.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
New, bright and shiny heals from Esmeralda’s are sure to make the other girls jealous.
Halloween Village Gate - 6000665
3.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door was designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Halloween Village.
Harvest Gazebo Gift Set - 6000664
6.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
Our new Harvest category add the perfect decorative touch from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. The highly detailed, brightly colored gazebo takes center stage. Add the included scarecrow, and maple tree in peak color. A sprinkle of leaves completes the scene
The Bone Grinder Mill - 6000663
10.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
Even skeletons agree, if excess bones are taking up your space, bring them to the bone grinder mill. Deliveries are accepted via the hillside entrance. Animated blades turn, making bone meal production a cinch.
Last Laugh Asylum - 6000662
10.75 in H
Retailer Log-in
An attached lit gate and tri color lighting are main features that elevate The Last Laugh Asylum to one of the best Halloween designs that Scott Enter has ever created. This old decrepit mansion has faded from glory days past to haunting nights now.
The Black Cat Flat - 6000661
6 in H
Retailer Log-in
Don’t be scared! This Halloween, black cats are considered good luck charms at the Black Cat Flat. Gift set includes the coordinating accessory “Black Cat Crossing”, extra maple tree, and mini pile of leaves!
Esmeralda's Shoe Shop - 6000660
10.25 in H
Retailer Log-in
The sisters of Witch Hollow agree, every stylish witch needs a few basic accessories: An elaborate hat, a decorative broom, and a fantastic pair of shoes that will make all the other girls green with envy. Esmeralada’s new shoe shop fits the bill.
Monster Mash Party House - 6000659
10 in H
Retailer Log-in
Everyone in Snow Village Halloween is heading the Monster Mash Party House for the best gathering in town. Bobby Pickett’s hit song, “Monster Mash” entertains the animated silhouetted partygoers as dance in front of the big window.
The Beast Master - 4059392
2.8 in H
Retailer Log-in
Still skeptical about the nature of The Beast, our Beast Master keeps a club close at hand while waiting for The Beast’s arrival.
The Beast - 4059391
8.27 in H
Retailer Log-in
While working the rails, a discovery was made deep in the woods - a Beast. After a bit of negotiation, Beast agreed to ride on a flat bed rail car, with chains to secure him while taking the rough rails.
The Makings For A Sordid Eveni - 4056713
3.46 in H
Retailer Log-in
Two porters carry a large traveling truck – the contents of which contains something with several protruding tentacles.
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