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2018 North Pole Silver PPK - 4061056
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PPK includes minimums of all new North Pole Silver box sets.

Silver Series Collection

These wonderful sets include everything your customers need to create a scene - a lit building, an accessory, a tree and snow! Designed to be durable, we’ve created them from resin which allows the warm glow from within to fill your home. Priced for gift-giving... your customers can start-a-tradition for someone special this year!

Isle Of Wight Chapel - 6000587
8.25 in H
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Charming country church. Features designed to look as if it was constructed with field stone, wood shake shingles, and bright windows all reflect the beautiful interior glow. Details include colorful vines and bell tower.
Tily's Boiled Sweets - 6000588
8.25 in H
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England is known for many specialty foods, including toffee, which was commonly referred to as a boiled sweet in Victorian times. Lovely design replicates stucco chipping away from the brick walls underneath.
Brookshire Cottage - 6000589
5.25 in H
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Cute little cottage features shutters, window box, and thatched roof trimmed with garland.
St. Nicholas Chapel - 6000616
8.25 in H
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Beautiful stained glass looking windows, designed in a poinsettia theme are the highlight of this beautiful new church at North Pole. Before taking a well-deserved break, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves attend Christmas day service.
Nutmeg Nook - 6000617
7.5 in H
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The industrious elves at Nutmeg Nook are the talented creators and purveyors for the wonderful spices used for holiday specialty drinks such as hot cocoa, eggnog, and la la lattes.
The Fir Farm - 6000618
6 in H
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Getting their Christmas tree at The Fir Farm has become a tradition for everyone at the North Pole. Even the squirrels are in the spirit (check out the cute accessory).
NP Silver Series Orns PPK - 4061437
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Includes 4 each of the Silver Series North Pole Ornaments.
Dickens Silver Series Orns PPK - 4061436
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Includes 4 each of the Silver Series Dickens' Village Ornaments
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