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That's A Wrap - 6007779
2 in H
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Technology is helping our elves make quick work of labeling each crayon with a special label. Each is named with a unique color and name which makes coloring so much fun!
A Huggable Christmas - 6007621
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This elf has stuffed the Pluto stuffed animal with just the right amount of soft stuffing. Now it's ready to be taken home and hugged by one lucky girl or boy!
One Santa Special Coming Up! - 6007620
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This set of two elf pizzamakers shows how good they are at their jobs -- whether it be stretching pizza dough for the perfect crust or baking a pizza in the hot pizza oven. Take out or delivery, they make the best pizza in town!
A Cracking Good Test Result - 6007619
1.97 in H
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Always a stickler for quality control, this elf is testing the sturdiness of each nutcracker -- and this one passes the test! Coordinates with #6007611 " North Pole Nutcracker Factory."
For Spinning Into Treats - 6007618
1.89 in H
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The head baker has two large sacks of flour slung over his shoulders, wonder what goodies he will bake today? The coordinates with #6007610 "Gingerbread Cookie Mill."
Just In Time For Christmas - 6007617
1.57 in H
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This elf couple is very happy with their selection of a pre-decorated tree for their tiny elfin home.. They use a sled to carefully transport this beauty "home sweet home."
Kitten Tested For Best Mittens - 6007616
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A soft ball of yarn and a kitten, what could be cuter? This elf may be teasing this little grey kitten, but there's always time for play at the North Pole.
Nina's Knit Mittens - 6007615
6.34 in H
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There's no mistaking what goes on here at the North Pole. Elves need lots of mittens to keep their hands warms and dry, so this factory is working day and night. New mittens get tucked into many Christmas stockings of good little girls and boys.
Mickey's Stuffed Animals - 6007614
6.65 in H
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Santa needs a special shop to make and stuff his famous Disney plush toys! A giant Mickey plush toy oversees the operation where elves cheerfully sew millions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and all the happy Disney characters with soft plush stuffing!
Crayola Crayon Factory - 6007613
10.24 in H
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Tucked into many stockings on Christmas morning are packages of brand new Crayola Crayons -- each stands tall with their perfect tips waiting for youngsters to let the creativity and imaginations fill pages of color for hours of fun!
North Pole Polar Pizza - 6007612
5.4 in H
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With a colorful "stone" pizza oven out front, The North Pole Pizza will be to "go to" place for all the elves. Lots of details, including a colorful flag with a nod to Italy, home of pizza and a pizza slice hanging sign just outside the door.
North Pole Nutcracker Factory - 6007611
7.09 in H
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Nutcrackers date back to at least the 17th century when they first were made in Germany. Many were carved to resemble a soldier, or a king.
Gingerbread Cookie Mill - 6007610
7.64 in H
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Gingerbread is one of Santa's favorite cookie flavors and both he and Mrs. Claus love to visit the "Gingerbread Windmill" with its rotating cookie blades and decorative trim that looks just like a gingerbread cookie -- almost good enough to eat!
Kringles Xmas Tree Gallery - 6007609
7.28 in H
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Kris Kringle has just opened a store where all the different Christmas tree styles are beautifully displayed. He is especially fond of the silver tinsel tree featured in the window. The gallery features a bright red exterior and hanging sign.
2021 North Pole PPK - 4062745
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Must take delivery in March 2021
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