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Just In Time For Christmas - 6007617
1.57 in H
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This elf couple is very happy with their selection of a pre-decorated tree for their tiny elfin home.. They use a sled to carefully transport this beauty "home sweet home."
Nice Landing Rudolph! - 6005444
2.8 in H
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Santa gives young Rudolph tips on sticking the perfect landing.This Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, porcelain and resin.
For A Luminous Christmas - 6005442
2.01 in H
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Two of Santa’s helpers light the last of the luminaries for the evening. This Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, porcelain. Battery box included, 2 C batteries required.
Shoveling Budding For Hire - 6005439
1.4 in H
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For a small fee, this busy elf will stop to shovel any sidewalk at the North Pole, and his furry friend is happy to lend a paw. This Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, porcelain.
Ginger's Gingerbread Cookie - 6005438
2 in H
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Ginger is decorating her yard with gingerbread trees, adding extra icing and extra cheer. This Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, porcelain.
Rudolph's Blinking Beacon - 6005433
7.8 in H
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Inspired by Rudolph’s nose, the Blinking Beacon light tower illuminates the whole Village of North Pole. So, if Rudolph is off in flight or tucked in tight, the elves at North Pole will be able to see through any storm.
Snowy's Diner - 6005429
6.5 in H
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After a long day of building toys, Santa and his elves love to stop at Snowy’s Diner. Built from a vintage train dining car, the campy snowman design sets the causal vibe of the atmosphere inside. Set of 2 includes roadside sign.
Ginger's Cottage - 6005428
5.12 in H
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Magical elves have built a sweet neighborhood inspired by the gingerbread houses they create for Christmas. Ginger’s Cottage includes peppermint trim, scrolled icing, and an oversized gingerbread man to turn up the charm on this cozy A-frame.
She'll Be Belle Of The Ball - 6003123
2.1 in H
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Mrs. Claus has all of her scarlet dresses custom-sewn at A Stich in Yule Time. The precise and diligent elf knitters are the only ones in the world she trusts to prepare her fashionable attire for evenings spent with Santa at the Jolly Dance Club.
Northern Lights Power - 6003112
7.4 in H
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Running a toy workshop around the clock uses a lot of electricity. Thankfully for Santa, elf scientists have harnessed the power of the Northern Lights into a limitless source of clean energy! Features a plasma globe creating electric light effect.
A Stitch In Yule Time - 6003111
6.38 in H
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The finest elf fabrics are hand-knitted at A Stitch in Yule Time, a premium fabric store found in the heart of the North Pole. Animated, the wheel turns as the needle goes up and down!
The Fir Farm Orn - 6002254
3.17 in H
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Nutmeg Nook Orn - 6002253
3.82 in H
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St. Nicholas Chapel Orn - 6002252
4.33 in H
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NP Silver Series Orns PPK - 4061437
Retailer Log-in
Includes 4 each of the Silver Series North Pole Ornaments.
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