From sledding and skiing, to snowshoeing and sleighrides, perhaps the most beloved winter sport is ice skating. Bundled in wool, skaters glide along, as if replicating a beautiful dance under the cold of winter. These holiday gift sets include warming house, skaters, and a skating pond.


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SV, Holiday Skating Party - 6004814
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The overhead door at the warming house in Snow Village makes for an easy transition between the rink and a fire-side seat. Box set includes rink and “Snow Village Skaters”. Bundled in sweaters, these residents practice their pair moves. Not animated.
NP, Holiday Skating Party - 6004810
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Occasionally, Santa’s Elves take a break from toy building and head for the skating pond. Box set includes rink and “North Pole Skaters”. A couple of Santa’s elves take a twirl around the rink. Not animated.
We’ve captured the charm of the local skating rink, complete with a detailed, yet inviting, warming house. Bringing back memories of the past, encouraging us to create new memories now… The Tradition Continues.
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