Our theme for 2018 depicts a wonderful old-world tradition of leaving a candle in the window as a welcome sign. The soft glow illuminating a frosty pane acts a beacon, a gentle signal “we’re waiting for you” ...the Tradition Continues.


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2018 Holiday Special PPK - 4061438
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Includes Minimums of the Dickens', North Pole & Snow Village Holiday Special Box Sets.
Dickens, Welcoming Christmas - 6002291
7.36 in H
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A Coaching House was also called a coaching inn, and was a vital part of transportation and the infrastructure of England until the rail systems were fully up and running. Coaches carry travelers, goods, and the mail.
North Pole Welcoming Christmas - 6002292
7.01 in H
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One of the favorite places to stay when visiting North Pole is the Candle-Light Inn. The giant lit candle sign, directs travelers in, while a candle in each window welcomes guests. Retro styling makes this one of the most fun building intros this year.
Snow Vlg, Welcoming Christmas - 6002296
7.09 in H
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When it comes to holiday decorations, bigger is not always better. Sometimes the prettiest house on the block is the one with a candle in every window. The soft glow highlighting the architecture is the perfect complement to a starlight winter night.
Dickens Vlg, Home For Holidays - 4059379
7.28 in H
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This home is the perfect place to spend Christmas. Trimmed with holiday greens, it’s no wonder family from afar couldn’t wait to arrive on Christmas Eve. Includes Mother and Father who welcome their son home for the Holidays after a semester at school.

Depicting a candle stick with a tiny flame in the small cut-out of the Village buildings is not a first for Department 56. Rather, it’s a challenging process we’ve accomplished by combining different types of light and electronic circuitry resulting in a beautiful glow. The interior illumination of the house serves as a gentle backdrop, punctuating the miniature candlesticks.

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