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White Stag Inn - 6004808
7.95 in H
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Built of cut stone with a slate roof, the White Stag offers an inviting room and a restful night’s sleep. Set of four includes lit building, frosted sisal tree, small bag of Fresh Fallen Snow and coordinating accessory: "Fresh Eggs For the Inn".
Continental Tour Or London? - 6003084
2.5 in H
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A conductor is frazzled as a wealthy couple arrives at his depot with more than enough luggage for two. They're going on an impromptu vacation; the only question is whether it should be a visit to downtown London or a scenic ride through the countryside?
Fish & Chips On Me - 6003083
2.5 in H
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Two finely dressed English mates start a night out with a meal at Odin R. Hicks. The friendly chap with the bowler hat kindly offers to pay for his pal's meal.
A Country Outing - 6003082
2.4 in H
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As winters sets begins in the English countryside, a mother, wearing her warmest dress, takes her young child out for a sleigh ride through the snow.
Cornhill Bankers - 6003081
2.5 in H
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Dressed in their finest suits and tophats, a trio of Cornhill bankers have what is probably a dreadfully dry discussion about loans and credit. But whatever they lack in conversation, they more than make up for with their sharp Victorian style.
Victorian Show Jumping - 6003079
3.7 in H
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The sport of horse jumping has its roots in the culture of Victorian England, and remains a popular attraction at equestrian shows to this day. A head-turning piece for your Dickens Village.
Odin R. Hicks Fish & Chips - 6003072
6.5 in H
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There's not a heartier and more distinctly English meal on the menu than fish and chips! Odin R. Hicks serves herring, freshly caught and beer-battered, with a side of hot salted chips to all the hungry people of Dickens Village.
Victorian Grange House - 6003071
6.5 in H
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Grange houses are historically mid-size to larger homes found on farms. Land ownership allowed for a comfortable house, big enough so that part of the farm responsibilities could be conveniently done within the structure.
Royal Bank of Cornhill - 6003070
8.27 in H
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As the financial center of London and, by extension, all of England, Cornhill is a district full of banks such as this one. The regal design of the building seeks to strike customers' eyes and draw them away from rivals.
Fullarton Station - 6003069
6.69 in H
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During the golden age of rail travel, charming train stations like these dotted the English countryside. After purchasing passes at the bay window of the ticket office, waiting passengers could keep warm past the large double doors.
Tily's Boiled Sweets Orn - 6002257
4.33 in H
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Brookshire Cottage Orn - 6002256
3.03 in H
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Isle of Wight Chapel Orn - 6002255
4.41 in H
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Dickens Silver Series Orns PPK - 4061436
Retailer Log-in
Includes 4 each of the Silver Series Dickens' Village Ornaments
Dickens' Village Gate - 6000604
3 in H
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Specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Dickens’ Village.
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