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Suffragettes - 6007780
3.15 in H
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One hundred years ago American women earned the right to vote in National elections. These marchers are urging other women to register and vote.
Hey! No Time To Play AA - 6007605
2.64 in H
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Dressed in traditional 19th century fire fighters' gear, this fireman not only wrestles with the massive hoses but the firehouse mascot, the Dalmatian dog.
A Splendid Dinner - 6007590
2.76 in H
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Diamond Jim Brady was a wealthy New York businessman who was often seen dining at Luchow's German Restaurant. He was a big man, with a big appetite who was often accompanied by one of many beautiful young women.
Breaking News - 6007589
2.76 in H
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Two dapper newsmen stop to compare notes and read a headlining article in the local newspaper.
Luchow's German Restaurant - 6007586
8.39 in H
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A New York City German Restaurant, located near Union Station in the East Village, that, at the turn of the 20th century, was the place to eat, drink good German beer and be seen. It was a favorite of many well-known musicians, including William Steinway
FAO Schwarz - 6007583
9.53 in H
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FAO Schwarz is the oldest toy store in the United States, first opening its doors in 1862 in Baltimore before moving to New York City, where it has moved between several locations since 1870.
All I Want For Christmas - 6005391
1.9 in H
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Dad bends down to listen to a long list of wishes from his starry-eyed son this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Will You Marry Me? - 6005388
2.6 in H
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A partner on one knee with ring in hand is the dream of many girls hoping for a holiday engagement. this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Tip O' The Hats - 6005387
2.7 in H
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Two gents tip their hats in a warm holiday greeting this Village accessory is hand-crafted, hand-painted, Porcelain.
Model Railroad Shop - 6005384
7.87 in H
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Enticing all, model railroad shops sprang up in cities across the country. Today, holiday traditions include everything from a simple circular track under the tree to a train weaving through your Dept 56 Village. Animated train circles above the door.
JT Hat Co. - 6005381
8.62 in H
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A stylish front window reminiscent of the art nouveau period during the early 1900s creates the perfect backdrop for the finest men’s hats. Highlighted is the fedora, popularized in the mid-century by gangsters, movie stars and football coaches.
Upper Westside Brownstones - 6003055
9.45 in H
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The term ‘brownstone’ often refers to the iconic architectural style of city row houses such as this beautiful set of homes. Decked for the holidays, we can only imagine the joyful holiday celebrations happening within this stunning side by side duplex
St. Thomas Cathedral - 6003054
11.02 in H
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This gorgeous, brick-built, twin-steepled cathedral is the regal place of worship where residents of Christmas in the City gather to share in a celebration of faith each week. A magnificent addition to your Christmas in the City Village.
City Apple Vendor - 6000575
2.75 in H
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What a treat to find fresh produce from a friendly vendor.
Sal's Pizza & Pasta - 4056623
8.54 in H
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Down on the corner is Sal’s, the best pizzeria around. Cracking stucco proves that this family owned establishment has served the neighborhood for decades. Grab a slice to go from the pizza displayed at the carryout window in front.


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