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Xmas Mkt, Holiday Bread Booth - 6004805
5.03 in H
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Enjoyed during advent, Christmas Stollen bread traditions date back to the 1400s with the earliest of the Christmas Markets in Germany. The Market booth for 2019 celebrates the history and tradition of the baked bread now enjoyed around the world.
Prost! - 6003051
2.5 in H
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"Prost" is the German word for "cheers!" This fashionable Bavarian couple clangs silver mugs and prepares to enjoy a fun evening at the Linderbrau Beer Hall.
Linderbrau Beer Hall - 6003048
8.66 in H
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Bavarian Villagers' favorite place to gather and socialize is at the Linderbrau Beer Hall, an elegantly designed, blue-hued building where the fires are always hot, the fresh-brewed beer is always cold and the company is always good.
Bavarian Concert Hall - 6003047
6.7 in H
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An Octoberfest celebration can’t be complete without the lively sounds of traditional German Oompah band. Includes sound chip featuring the musicians and joyous revelry. Set of 4 includes "Oktoberfest Trio", tree and snow.
Xmas Market, Gold Foil Angels - 6002289
5.51 in H
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This is the 11th in a series of the Christmas Market Booths and it honoring a European tradition of topping the tree with gold foil angels. Several versions line the shelves, offering shoppers a wide selection to begin their own angel custom.
Alpine Village Gate - 6000568
2.25 in H
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Specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Alpine Village.
Family Outing - 6000567
2.75 in H
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Family of three, plus a dolly, stroll the Village on their way home from service.
The Burgermeister - 6000566
2.5 in H
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Burgermeister is German for Mayor. This city leader can set his watch to the trusty Glockenspiel, the beautiful highlight of his hometown.
Holy Ghost Church - 6000565
8 in H
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Beautiful exterior frescoes and unique shell shaped windows highlight this beautiful church, our rendition of the Holy Ghost church in Fussen, Germany. The magnificence of the Sea inspired the designers and builders.
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