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Peaceful Kingdom #1 Fig Prepac - 4062010
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A Gentle Giant - 6003502
6 in H
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This gentle giant becomes a teddy bear for the sweet Snowbaby. The grizzly becomes mild mannered in the child's presence and even allows the infant touch its soft fur.
We Are The Children - 6003500
6.25 in H
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With a teddy bear strapped to its back, this Snowbaby is fascinated by a Joey inside its mama's pocket. The mother kangaroo towers over the Babies as they study each other.
Climb Every Mountain - 6003499
3.75 in H
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A mountain goat rests with two birds upon its back. A Snowbaby, pooped from hiking, sits down with the animals in the sparkling snow.
The Loyal Leader - 6003492
6 in H
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Wearing a knit poncho, a Snowbaby stares up at a large llama. Dressed in jingle bells this four legged friend is ready for the next adventure with Baby.
The Peaceful King - 6003493
5 in H
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This Snowbaby rides a lion in the majestically peaceful figurine. Hanging on tight the Baby takes a peak into the giant cat's eyes and sees only love.
Peaceful Moment - 6003501
2.75 in H
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A Snowbaby lifts a finger to its lips to hush onlookers in this thoughtful scene. Two foxes have fallen asleep cuddled on a snowy log. The Baby has brought a blanket of its own.
And They Will Sing - 6003480
4.5 in H
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With a baton in hand, this Snowbaby conducts the music of the woods. Two wolves sit charmed, howling together to the Snowbaby's direction.
Peaceful Kingdom Giraffe Ornam - 6003542
2.625 in H
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The Snowbaby easily befriends animals tall and small. Even giant giraffes cuddle and coo around the kind kids. Huddled together, the Snowbaby gives the giraffe the softest pats in this touching figurine.
Peaceful Kingdom Llama Ornamen - 6003543
2.75 in H
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There's no drama between this llama and Snowbaby. Arms tight around the llama's neck, the child closes its eyes, cherishing the hug.
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