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Peaceful Kingdom Fig Prepack - 4062576RP
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Peaceful Kingdom Orn Prepack - 4062575
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A Gentle Giant - 6003502
6 in H
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This gentle giant becomes a teddy bear for the sweet Snowbaby. The grizzly becomes mild mannered in the child's presence and even allows the infant touch its soft fur.
We Are The Children - 6003500
6.25 in H
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With a teddy bear strapped to its back, this Snowbaby is fascinated by a Joey inside its mama's pocket. The mother kangaroo towers over the Babies as they study each other.
The Peaceful King - 6003493
5 in H
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This Snowbaby rides a lion in the majestically peaceful figurine. Hanging on tight the Baby takes a peak into the giant cat's eyes and sees only love.
Climb Every Mountain - 6003499
3.75 in H
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A mountain goat rests with two birds upon its back. A Snowbaby, pooped from hiking, sits down with the animals in the sparkling snow.
O Night Divine - 6005801
6.375 in H
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Tucked into a soft little creche, our Holy family is guided by the north star and lit from behind.
I'll Light the Way - 6005781
4.75 in H
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This little lamb is no longer lost when the Snowbaby lights a candle to show him the way. A perfect addition for your nativity.
Gloria - 6005810
4.75 in H
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Use alone or as part of the Nativity, this Snowbaby angel is proud to hold a banner declaring "Gloria!"
Peaceful Kingdom Elephant orn - 6005796
3.375 in H
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What fun to ride on the back of a baby elephant! Look mom, no hands!
Peaceful Kingdom Sloth orn - 6005824
2.625 in H
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Our Snowbaby is enjoying swinging around with his friend, the sloth. Life with a sloth is slow and sweet!
Peaceful Kingdom Llama Ornamen - 6003543
2.75 in H
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There's no drama between this llama and Snowbaby. Arms tight around the llama's neck, the child closes its eyes, cherishing the hug.
And a Child Will Lead - 6003490
4 in H
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This Snowbaby has captured a furry lamb friend in its loving embrace, and dressed it in a knit sweater! The pair sit together smiling in this peaceful nature scene.
Peaceful Kingdom Deer Ornament - 6003546
3 in H
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Wearing a large knit cap, the little one holds and even tinier fawn in its hands. Sleeping soundly, the young deer is safe under the Snowbaby's care.
Peaceful Kingdom Monkey orn - 6005825
3 in H
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Everyone loves a monkey, and this Snowbaby ornament will garner many grins on your Christmas tree.
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