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Peace Ornament Prepack - 4062007
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Nativity, Set of 4 - 6000827
1.63 in H
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Celebrate the reason for the season with a beautiful Snowbabies nativity scene. This set of four figurines and stable features Mary, a sweet shepherd, and the Christ child inside a bassinet. Packaged in a decorative window box.
Lamplight Melodies - 6003484
6.75 in H
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Caroling together under a glowing lamp, three Snowbabies sing their hearts out. The streetlight glows with LED effects and is trimmed in bright blue garland.
Telling the Holy Story - 6003468
3.785 in H
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Next to a miniature manger, a Snowbaby holds miniscule Jesus as it reflects on the holy story. Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the Snowbaby humbly sets up the scene. The manger glows with LED light.
Angels On High - 6003519
7 in H
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Teamwork makes the dream work! These three Snowbabies have united to reach heights none could have achieved alone. With wings and smiles, these little angels celebrate on high.
Make This Nest Your Home - 6003479
4 in H
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Snowbaby and snowman smile at one another sweetly in this serene scene. Bent over, the snowman gently supports a garland nest, in which a bird has settled.
Peace to Everyone - 6003481
3.5 in H
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These two Snowbabies prepare a holiday message for their neighborhood. Lifting a wooden sign painted with the script "Peace to Everyone," they are joined by some very pleased blue birds.
Deer Me, Who's That? - 6001878
4 in H
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Deer me, who is this! A Snowbaby hugs close to his deer friend as they encounter a very lifelike snowman, topped in a hand-knit winter cap. Handcrafted from high-quality porcelain, this delightful 4” scene sparkles with a dusting of glittering snow.
Three Tweets for Peace - 6003482
4 in H
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This cheerful Snowbaby conducts nature's melodies from a park bench. Three blue birds tweet harmoniously along to the Snowbaby's instructions.
Shine Your Light - 6003530
4.25 in H
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This Snowbaby reminds all of us to be ourselves. Every person has a light inside them to share with the world, so do as the Baby instructs, and "Shine Your Light." The Baby holds a candle in its hands that glows with LED effects.
A Kiss for the Man I Love - 6003483
4 in H
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This sweet Snowbaby gives a wet kiss to its favorite man. With a top hat and carrot nose, he's never looked more handsome. The pair make a darling couple.
Skating with Friends - 6000837
4.25 in H
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It’s time to hit the rink! Cozied up in a hand-knit cap and scarf, this Snowbaby laces up her skates. A glittering bluebird watches as soon she’ll be gliding and twirling alongside her woodland friends.
A Skate Date - 6003541
4 in H
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Flex Your Wings - 6003487
3.25 in H
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Two winged Snowbabies play together with their feathered friends. Beautiful blue birds rest on the Baby's back as they frolic in the snow.
Peace Prize - 6001867
4.5 in H
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The cutest peace offering of the season, a merry Snowbaby wraps a glittering peace symbol around the neck of a penguin friend. A hand-knit cap adds a warming touch. Designed by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.
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