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Collectible Animal, Rabbit, 2a - 6002987
2.25 in H
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This rascally rabbit sports a bright orange carrot as their holiday treat. Surely stollen right off some snowman this little bunny loves playing in the snow.
Dream Big - 6002858
5.125 in H
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The Snowbabies Unicorn Collection celebrates the trendiest animal and icon of the year. This Snowbaby angel is perched atop a sparkling Unicorn, making a wish upon a shooting star. Designed by Kristi Jensen Pierro exclusively for Department 56.
The Unicorn Made Me Do It - 6002857
3.375 in H
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This mischievous little Snowbaby blames the unicorn for making her paint the horned horse all sorts of colors. The pair together make an endearing memory.
Happy As A Unicorn Eating Cake - 6002856
4.5 in H
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This hungry Snowbaby cuddles up with a smiling unicorn to share a piece of cake. This 4.5” lit porcelain figurine shares the bliss of the season.
Just Add Sparkle - 6002855
4 in H
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Sparkles make any day magical and this Snowbaby has a whole tub of them. Generously applying sparkles to their unicorn friend and themselves, this shared memory will forever enchant.
You're One of a Kind - 6002854
4.5 in H
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Unicorn and Snowbaby share a sweet moment in this smiling face-to-face. The unicorn finding it’s gentle companion just as unique as itself.
Special Delivery - 6002848
4.5 in H
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The knit-capped little Santa presents her animal friend with a Christmas present of it’s very own. The Snowbaby tenderly surprises the on-looking rabbit with a miniature tree and star.
Ring The Bells - 6002847
4.5 in H
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These twin Snowbabies joyously ring holiday bells in their hand knitted hats. This 4.5” porcelain scene can almost be heard.
Give it A Whirl, Snowman - 6002846
3.5 in H
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This playful Snowbaby is dancing the frosty night away with a snowman. The bundled baby gives the snowman a twirl in this 3.5” porcelain scene.
SB Kristi's Classics Prepack - 4061422
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Snowbabies Unicorn Prepack - 4061420RP
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Reindeer Kisses - 6001998
5 in H
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‘Tis the season for reindeer kisses! A rosy-cheeked Snowbaby wraps a hand-knit scarf around a four-legged friend as they pucker up for a loving smooch. The 5” porcelain scene is handcrafted in beautiful detail with hand-painted accents.
Mending Santa's Bag - 6001997
3.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
Looks like Santa has a new helper! This Snowbaby uses a needle and thread to mend Santa’s famous bag. A pair of glasses sit on their hand-knit cap, in case they need to take a closer look.
Winding It Up - 6001996
4.25 in H
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Teamwork makes the dream work! A Snowbaby and her snowman pal work together to wind up a ball of yarn. The snowman’s bright red hand-knit cap adds a festive touch. This 4.25” figurine is handcrafted from high-quality bisque porcelain.
Angel of Comfort - 6001890
4.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
This Snowbaby angel is here to bring comfort and joy to all who need it. A pink flower halo, glitter-dusted wings, and a huggable teddy bear make a sweet impression. This 4.5” figurine is handcrafted from high-quality bisque porcelain.
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