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Oh Snap Ornament - 6004212
3.125 in H
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Capture every moment this season with this adorable photographer. Looking for the perfect shot, this Snowbaby holds her little camera patiently, along with a bag to store the prints!
Poodle In Pearls Ornament - 6004211
2.25 in H
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This Snowbaby knows just what a poodle prefers -- pearls! As the pretty pup sits calmly, the Snowbaby gently places a collar of pearls around its neck.
Tea For Three Ornament - 6004207
2.5 in H
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All the best things come in threes. This cup has just enough room for three cuddled Snowbabies who politely request some more tea. Attached to the handle a tag reads, "Tea For Three."
Sweet Blessings Ornament - 6003549
2.75 in H
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This Snowbaby rests its eyes for just a moment while rocking the cradle back and forth. The little one inside can sleep soundly with it's protector near by. The cradle reads, "Sweet Blessings."
Choo-Choo, Baby's First Orname - 6003540
3 in H
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Atop a toy train, this Snowbaby plays conductor for the day. Celebrate baby's first Christmas with this adorable ornament complete with "Baby's 1st" charm.
Seashell Ornament - 6003535
3.25 in H
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This Snowbaby has gone diving! Popping out of a sparkling shell, the baby presents a pearl picked just for you.
Mermaid Ornament - 6003532
2.375 in H
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With a mermaid tail and pearl necklace, this sweet Snowbaby plays in the sand wishing it was snow. Brightly painted, this ornament will bring some island peace to your holiday.
SnowDreams, 2019 Ornament - 6003531
3 in H
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Sleeping soundly in porcelain sleigh, this Snowbaby brings calm and joy to your tree. With its dangling 2019 charm, this ornament will keep this year's memories preserved and sound.
Angel of Hearts Ornament - 6003529
2.875 in H
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Holding a string of hearts, this angel Snowbaby reminds us all of the reason for the season; to remember loved ones come and gone, as well as the ones beside us.
Joyful Angel Ornament - 6003528
3.375 in H
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This halo-donning Snowbaby holds a decorated wreath in her sweet little hands. Festively bringing in the winter season with love.
In Santa's Boots Ornament - 6003523
3.25 in H
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This Snowbaby couldn't be cuter in Santa's boots. Trying on the big man's shoes, it's obvious this one longs to be Santa's little helper.
Basket of Kittens Ornament - 6001988
3 in H
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It doesn’t get much cuter than a basket full of kittens! This Snowbaby cuddles close to her favorite felines. The 3” porcelain ornament comes ready to hang on an elegant Snowbabies ribbon.
Reindeer Rides Ornament - 6001985
3.25 in H
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Dash away, all! This Snowbaby takes a winter night ride on one of Santa’s reindeer. Festive hand-knit accessories keep them cozy and warm. The 3.25” porcelain ornament comes ready to hang on an elegant Snowbabies ribbon.
Best Friends Ornament - 6001880
2.75 in H
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Snowbaby’s best friend! A Snowbaby wraps his arm around his furry friend in a warm embrace. The smiling pup wears a polka dot kerchief and a festive snow cap. This 2.75” porcelain figurine is finished with hand-painted accents.
I Love You This Much Ornament - 6001876
3 in H
Retailer Log-in
She loves you this much and even more! Holding a banner that says as much, this adorable Snowbaby ornament is sculpted from bisque porcelain and topped with a hand-knit winter cap. The 3” ornament comes ready to hang on an elegant Snowbabies ribbon.
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