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Make Waves Ornament - 6005830
2 in H
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With her metallic gold star proudly held above her head, this Mermaid Snowbaby is reminding us all to Make Waves no matter where we go!
Goddess of the Sea Ornament - 6005829
3 in H
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Of all the beautiful underwater creatures, there's no doubt this Mermaid Snowbaby is the true Goddess of the Sea.
Let's Be Mermaids Ornament - 6005828
2 in H
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Sure, you could be a doctor or a teacher or even an engineer, but why not Be A Mermaid instead?
Makeup Baby ornament - 6005826
3 in H
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Little girls always enjoy trying out their mother's makeup. This Snowbaby ornament is perfect for the future little make-up artist!
Beary Best Friends ornament - 6005821
3 in H
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Little many little children, this Snowbaby has a special friend, a well-worn teddy bear where he takes everywhere.
Best Gift, Baby's 1st orn - 6005812
2.875 in H
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Commemorate the year 2020 with this special ornament! Our Snowbaby is all wrapped up and ready to celebrate.
Let's Make a Snowball ornament - 6005794
3.125 in H
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Wrapped in a soft knitted neck scarf, our puppy is trying to help the Snowbaby roll the biggest snowball ever!
Christmas Carousel ornament - 6005793
4.375 in H
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Our Snowbaby is enjoying a brand new experience. She has never ridden a carousel horse. Wheeee!
From God ornament - 6005791
1.5 in H
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2020 will be a special year, and this Snowbaby celebrates with the annual "From God" ornament. "From God" is printed on a porcelain charm and it hangs from his golden horn.
IT Baby ornament - 6005789
3.125 in H
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This Snowbaby has mastered the cell phone at such a young age. Way to go, Baby!
A Kiss for Luck ornament - 6005788
3.125 in H
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This sweet little Snowbaby is giving a friendly bird a kiss for luck. The figure wears gold wings and carries a gold star.
Momentarily Tied Up ornament - 6005787
3 in H
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Our little Snowbaby is really wrapped up in her work, with the bright red ribbons she is using.
Cat's Play ornament - 6005786
3.375 in H
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Cats and kids are a purrfect combination. This ornament is perfect for all cat lovers!
Plug It In ornament - 6005785
2.75 in H
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Our Snowbaby ornament is checking this string of bright red light (decorative only) before putting them on the tree.
Frosty Kisses ornament, 2020 - 6005784
3 in H
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Sometimes a snowman gives "Frosty Kisses". This dated ornament includes a darling Snowbaby clad in a bright red sweater and dressed for all types of weather.
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