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Cat-Mouse Game - 6003439
9.5 in H
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As Santa checks the progress of the toy making, he finds his kitty is up to mischief. The little whiskered troublemaker doesn’t seem to understand this mouse belongs to the laptop. This figurine is crafted from real fabrics, pom-poms, ribbon and fur.
Mittens and Kittens - 6003438
1.5 in H
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Santa has some adorable hitchhikers hiding in his mittens. Three little kittens found their mittens as they ride with Santa to surprise someone on the "Good List." Handcrafted with Clothtique fabric, ribbons and fur, this figurine is cat-tivating.
Splish Splash - 6003436
9 in H
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Santa rolled up his shirt sleeves to give this chocolate Lab a bath before he meets his new owners. The puppy plays in the suds of the claw footed bathtub. This Clothtique fabric and mixed media darling duo is perfect for pet lovers.
Precious Heartbeats - 6003434
10.5 in H
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Santa checks out a little puppy’s precious heartbeats making sure it is healthy for its new family. Dr. Santa wears his white coat with pockets filled with treats for all his furry patients.
PJ Party - 6003433
10.5 in H
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Santa suits up in a pair of pajamas for a night in with his favorite pal. The snow white pup is dressed in a matching striped night shirt and mini Santa hat. The pair share a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows in the shape of a paw print.
All Warm and Fuzzy - 6003432
10.5 in H
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Santa bundles up for a walk around the North Pole with his four legged friend. The pup dons a matching red coat with white fur and is led by a ribbon leash. Santa carries a fancy doggie bag with treats for his little buddy.
PETPD A Long Winter's Nap - 6000732
8.75 in H
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Santa's just finished reading his book on puppy care while his new puppies fall asleep on his lap.
PETPD Mistletoe and Holly - 4059832
10 in H
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These housemates have been on their best behavior so Santa would pay a visit. Santa will give them both special treats after the play break.
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