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Beach Yoga - 6003864
8 in H
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Santa clears his mind with some meditation and yoga at the beach. Stacking stones and wrapped presents, St. Nick achieves serenity with bare feet. But look out for the crab! This Clothtique fabric and mixed media figurine celebrates a seaside season.
Tropical Snooze - 6003427
11.5 in H
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Santa catches some Zs by the Sea in his comfy beach lounger. Covered in fan mail and shaded with his Christmas Tree umbrella, the Christmas titan relaxes after the holiday madness.
Seaside Christmas - 6003426
11 in H
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Santa adds lights to his driftwood tree. Even on vacation Santa celebrates Christmas. Wearing a straw hat and t-shirt this barefooted Santa deserves some fun after the busy holiday!
Flip Flop Tree - 6003425
10.5 in H
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Toes in the ocean, Santa builds a sand and flip-flop tree. The holiday hero is Christmas crazy even on his vacation away from the North Pole. This resin and fabric figurine reminisces on fun in the sun on cold and snowy winter days.
Sandy Toes - 6003424
11 in H
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Dressed in stripes and sailor blues, Mr. and Mrs. Claus go for a seaside stroll. With sandy toes and a packed picnic basket the couple collects seashells for their Christmas tree and relax in the sun.
2019 By The Sea PPK - 4061933
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