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White Woodland Bunny Statue - 6004768
10.75 in H
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Decorated with Jim Shore’s distinctive folk-art designs, this Bunny Garden Statue is a light-hearted accent to any outdoor setting. Handcrafted with Jim’s signature attention to detail, this charming design is specially treated for outside display.
Lighted  Angel With Holy Scene - 6003362
20.25 in H
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Beautifully decorated with a heartfelt scene of the first Christmas, this 20” Nativity Angel is crafted with Jim Shore's unique color palette and intricate design details. Switch for LED light is on bottom of the lantern. Suitable for outdoor use.
Santa with Toy Bag Statue - 6004321
20 in H
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An incredible value for a special design, this 19.75” statue is a striking centerpiece for the holiday season. Sculpted from stone resin, Santa holds a toy bag over his shoulder and features an eye-catching holiday rosemaling motif on his skirt.
Victorian Santa Statue - 6004178
20 in H
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Great Value! Jim Shore's elegant Victorian Collection captures the warm decorative style of a by-gone age with rich color and a subtle sparkling finish. This Santa Statue, an incredible value, is beautifully decorated with Jim’s signature rosemaling.
Black Cat Witch Statue - 4060316
19.25 in H
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This frightful Feline summons up Halloween with the watchful help of her crow companion. Crafted in wicked detail, Jim Shore's delightfully dark Black Cat Statue features a deceptively rich color palette and Jim’s signature folk art design.
Snowman w/Cardinal Statue - 4059914
20 in H
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Colorfully charming, this snowman celebrates the sweet tweets of winter mornings. Holding one of the beautiful birds in his hands, a tree troop of cardinals paint this smiling snowman's chest.
Rudolph w/Lighted Nose Statue - 4059904
16.5 in H
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Jim Shore's Rudolph brightens the room with his Lighted Nose. Handcrafted in intricate detail, Rudolph Traditions combines familiar holiday characters with Jim Shore's unique folk art and quilting style.
Snowman with Winter Scene - 6001523
19 in H
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An incredible value for a special design, this colorful 19” snowman statue has style, charm, and smiles in spades. Its rounded stone resin silhouette is hand-carved with a playful scene of winter fun, framed with whimsical folk art motifs.
Santa Holding Cardinal Statue - 6001467
19.75 in H
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An incredible value for a special design, this 19.75” statue is a striking centerpiece for the holiday season. Sculpted from stone resin, Santa holds one cardinal, while two more are hand-carved into the charming scene framed by luxe floor-length robes.
Grey Cat Garden Statue - 6001603
18.5 in H
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Add a whimsical element to any garden with this sophisticated grey cat. Handcrafted in Jim Shore’s distinctive folk art style, the 19.5” stone resin statue features fanciful curls and artfully detailed tiger stripes. Suitable for outdoor use.
Angel w/Basket Garden Statue - 6001600
20 in H
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Accent a garden with a beautiful figure of grace and serenity. Hand-painted with delicate floral details in a soft color palette, this 20” stone resin angel statue will impart a calming presence upon natural blooms. Suitable for outdoor use.
Santa with Satchel Statue - 4059403
19.5 in H
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Standing 20” tall, this handcrafted Santa makes an elegant impression. Rich reds and greens lend him a vintage feel, enhanced by traditional folk art motifs.
Nativity Angel Statue - 4059402
19.625 in H
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Tall, slender, and stately, this 20” stone resin angel makes a stunning addition to any Yuletide display. She holds the Christmas star above a traditional Nativity scene, hand-painted using a soft, warm color palette.
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