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Banner Christmas - 6004049
10 in H
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Santa smiles brightly this season under his wispy white beard. His Clothtique fabric and fur trimmed coat is trimmed in a holly patterned satin ribbon. Almost as jolly as the real thing, this Hand-crafted Santa wishes you a very Merry Christmas!
Full Wagon - 6003865
6.3 in H
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This lighted Christmas wagon comes with more than just treats and tinsel. Three adorable pups dressed for Christmas. This piece can accent your Santa collection or be a stand alone.
Yo-Yo - 6003862
10.5 in H
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Santa is the North Pole Yo-Yo Champ and doesn't mind showing off a little. His custom yo-yos are designed after his jolly face. His back pack includes a real yo-yo for some lucky recipient to enjoy and try some of Santa's famous tricks.
Snow Buddies - 6003857
11 in H
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Santa gets a helping paw with this year’s deliveries. The adorable pup sits among the present packed sled. This hand crafted Clothtique and mixed media dog team is full of details.
Red, White and Blue - 6003855
10.5 in H
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Santa celebrates one of his popular delivery stops, the USA, in this patriotic Clothtique fabric and resin figurine. With a wreath constructed from red, white, and blue ornaments, Santa celebrates America this Christmas and all her joy.
Merry Christmas - 6003853
12 in H
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This Clothtique fabric and resin figurine Santa couldn’t possibly be jollier. Mouth and eyes wide, the lovable red suited man lifts a rainbow and snowflake banner bearing the message “Merry Christmas” high above his head.
Savannah - 6003851
11 in H
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Santa is bundled for the Serengeti. Soft brown fur trims his Christmas cloak, and a pattern of African animals trims the coat. With a bag across his back and an African ornamented tree in his hand, this Father Christmas is very far from the North Pole.
Golden Years LE - 6003846
10.5 in H
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Mr & Mrs Claus celebrate their years together in this 2019 Limited Edition masterpiece. Cloaked in gold and ruby red details, the couple laugh together lovingly holding a brilliantly patterned bag stuffed with gifts & a very long list.
Christmas Unicorn - 6003466
10.5 in H
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Celebrate the magic of the season with this Clothtique mixed media Santa. With a Christmas unicorn and rainbow ribbon, this jolly elf reigns in the holiday with mystical delight.
Peace Wreath - 6003462
10.5 in H
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Santa is timeless and so is the true message of Christmas, Peace. This elegantly designed Santa holds a frosted wreath with the symbols of peace. Santa's gold flecked velour coat is trimmed in gold and white satin cord.
Shovel Loads of Gifts - 6003458
11 in H
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Even Santa has to get out and shovel in the winter cold. Bundled up in his thickest red coat the jolly fellow gets to work, but it isn’t snow he’s shoveling. Santa scoops up shovel loads of gifts to load into his sleigh.
The Moo, the Merrier! - 6003449
10.5 in H
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Santa dons his overalls for a stop at the farm stand for a local treat. With fresh milk and frosted Christmas cookies he watches a young calf, goat, and rooster perform in a balancing act to greet the jolly man.
Snow Angel - 6003446
9.5 in H
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Santa helps his little pal up off the ground now that the snow angel is complete. This Clothtique fabric and mixed media figurine captures childhood memories of play time in the snow.
Rhinestone Cowboy - 6003440
11 in H
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Santa slays in this sparkling get up. Sporting a scarlet cowboy hat and handkerchief, Father Christmas steals the show. His silver glittered coat and cowboy boots have this country star ready to rock.
Mittens and Kittens - 6003438
1.5 in H
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Santa has some adorable hitchhikers hiding in his mittens. Three little kittens found their mittens as they ride with Santa to surprise someone on the "Good List." Handcrafted with Clothtique fabric, ribbons and fur, this figurine is cat-tivating.
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