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ENTMT Pen & Ink S&P Set - 6006127
2.75 in H
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Cheshire Cat S&P - 6003749
4.5 in H
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Cheshire is known for being a bit mad but it seems he's finally lost his head in this salt and pepper set. Smiling his classic impish grin, he pops his noggin right off for a laugh. Choose to put him back together again, or savor the moment.
Jessica and Roger Rabbit S&P - 6003747
3.4 in H
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Jessica is the voluptuous and unlikely wife of Roger Rabbit. The pair, though a visibly unexpected match, love each other dearly. Keep it spicy with this romantic salt and pepper set.
Rapunzel and Tower S&P - 6003746
3.625 in H
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Rapunzel may have escaped her tower but her story will always be intertwined with it. Paired together, they make a dashing salt and pepper set. Shake away without fear of loose hairs.
Cinderella and Fairy Godmother - 6003745
3.5 in H
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Cinderella's Fairy Godmother knew just what she needed for the ball. The pair will help you do the same with your culinary endeavors. This salt and pepper set will bring flavor to your home well after midnight.
Wonder Woman vs Cheetah S&P - 6004162
3.89 in H
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What's salt without pepper? Wonder Woman without Cheetah? The compassionate Wonder Woman takes on the ferocious feline in this salt and pepper shaker set, full of color and spunk.
Joker and Harley Quinn S&P - 6003882
3.5 in H
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Conniving and mischievous, these two are a force to be reckoned with! Always scheming their next evil plan, they'll be sure to keep you on your toes. They're here to hatch a plan and spice up your next meal.
Black and White Mickey S&P - 6003748
3.5 in H
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Cute and classic in every way, these black and white Mickey Mouse salt and pepper shakers will help you add spice to your next meal. They are simple and sophisticated, a perfect addition to any kitchen!
Batman and Catwoman S&P - 6003735
3.5 in H
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On their toes ready to take flight or pounce on any opportunity to save humanity, Batman and Catwoman are a dynamite duo. Spice up your next meal with their undeniable force!
Superman & Wonder Woman S&P - 6003734
3.5 in H
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Talk about a power couple! This unique salt and pepper set of the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess will leave you feeling the force with every shake.
Aquaman & Mera Salt and Pepper - 6003733
3.5 in H
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Aquaman and Mera are the King and Queen of Atlantis, their love is as vast as the ocean. This salt and pepper power couple is here to spice up your meal!
Superman vs Lex Luthor S&P - 6003730
3.89 in H
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Lex Luthor is the brilliant super-villain who has been ruthlessly trying to destroy humanity, but he's met his match with Superman who intelligently thwarts his every scheme. Spice up your next meal with this infamous dueling duo.
Stylized Batman vs Joker S&P - 6003729
3.89 in H
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Batman is the brooding hero who has been protecting Gotham City from the unpredictably cruel Joker for decades. Spice up your next meal with this unmistakable duo presented in in a very modern set.
Jack and Sally S&P - 6002274
3.85 in H
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The lovesick skeleton and the adorable doll dazzled by love have been the iconic spooky couple ever since Sally taught Jack the true meaning of Christmas. Add some hauntingly delicious flavor to your next meal with these salt and pepper shakers.
Woodstock in Water dish S&P - 6002278
3.875 in H
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Woodstock is all nestled in Snoopy's water dish in this clever salt and pepper shaker made from high quality stoneware. This two piece set coordinates perfectly with the Snoopy dog house cookie jar (6004161).
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