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See No Evil Plaque - 6007384
8 in H
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This wall decor is ideal for families with multiple furry friends. With cats and dogs running around it's sometimes difficult to place blame when things go awry. Take away the uncertainty with this playful plaque that at last labels the true terror.
Merely A Pawn Cat Plaque - 6007383
5 in H
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Add some wisdom to your walls with this well-spoken metal plaque. Cats are masterminds, whether they be evil masterminds is still up for debate. Regardless, cat owners all know the truth, we are just pawns in their purr-fect plan to rule the world.
Choose Relative Dog Plaque - 6007382
6 in H
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Add some wisdom to your walls with this well-spoken metal plaque. We are pretty much stuck with the family members we have, but adopting a pet allows us to pick out our own relatives. Choose wisely and pick the right dog to share your life with.
Retirement Plaque - 6006378
5 in H
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Retirement is but the next great adventure. For those fortunate enough to be at the beginning of it, offer this thoughtful sentiment. With an elegant design, this Foundations' plaque will bring grace and style to your favorite retiree's home.
Irish Prayer Plaque - 6006377
5 in H
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This traditional Irish blessing is an ancient Celtic prayer that has traveled throughout the centuries. The endeared quote is engraved here on this charming Foundations' plaque in hopes it might bring luck to you and yours.
Serenity Plaque - 6006376
5 in H
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Some quotes just strike a chord, we write them on our hearts and recall them when life turns dark. This delicate plaque will brighten your home with it's wise words. Calling on the prayer of Serenity, it's a tender and humbling reminder for each day.
Bereavement Heart Plaque - 6004347
3.78 in H
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LEGOL Heart Plaque
Bereavement Cross Plaque - 6004346
8.35 in H
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LEGOL Cross Plaque
Bereavement Plaque - 4056774
5 in H
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All seek some form of comfort and peace in a time of bereavement. Part of the Foundations collection from Enesco, the Bereavement Plaque is an artfully designed porcelain plaque.
Monogram U Hanging Plaque - 4049423U
4 in H
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Colorful keepsake Monogram Hanging Plaques feature the signature combination of quilt patterning and folk art designs that are unmistakably Jim Shore. Great accent on a wall or holiday tree. Perfect for topping gift packages too.
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