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Kioko Happiness Keychain - 4056606
2 in H
Happiness; My spirit brings fulfillment and pleasure. You release my spirit be discovering purpose and pleasure in all that you do. Nurture my spirit and you will find meaning and contentment with whatever your life brings.
Kaona Friend Keychain - 4056605
2 in H
Friend; My spirit celebrates and commiserates. In good times you show my spirit by celebrating the lives and accomplishments of others. In difficult times your comfort and support reveals the spirit of a friend.
Seiko Success Keychain - 4056604
2 in H
Success; My spirit inspires and motivates.To release my potential in every area of your life, aspire to do and be the best you can. Use your dreams of success as inspiration in your quest to achieve your goals and overcome setbacks.
Sachi Joy Keychain - 4056603
2 in H
Joy; My spirit enriches and uplifts. By embracing my spirit and approaching everything in life with passion and enthusiasm, you can make even the simple and ordinary, memorable and enjoyable.
Kichi Lucky Keychain - 4056602
2 in H
Lucky; My spirit is curious and adventurous.By trying new things and challenging yourself, you release my spirit. Discover the power of my spirit to open up new possibilities and greater opportunities.
Yoshimi Respectful Keychain - 4056601
2 in H
Respectful; My spirit is courteous and considerate. You honor my spirit by extending to others and the courtesy and consideration you would wish to receive yourself. Your respectful manner reveals the strength of your character.
Natsuko Blessed Keychain - 4052708
2 in H
Blessed; My spirit is favored and fortunate. Your ability to attract opportunity and prosperity shows you possess the geneous gifts of my spirit. May life always share its blessings with you to bring good fortune happiness and health each day.
Hotaru Passion Keychain - 4052707
2 in H
Passion; My spirit has purpose and potential. By following yoru dreams with enthusiasm and devotion you live the power of my spirit. May your passion bring the success you seek and give a sense of purpose to each day.
Hikari Energetic Keychain - 4052706
2 in H
Energetic; My spirit is lively and fun. With your boundless energy and joyful enthusiasm you share my irrepressible spirit. In your wholehearted way may you enjoy every day and bring a little fun to whatever task must be done.
Mitsuko Optimism Keychain - 4052705
2 in H
Optimism; My spirit hopes and dreams. By always looking at the bright side of life you embrace my cheerful spirit. May you always look forward with confidence to a life of dreams come true and all the happiness it brings to you.
Satoe Alluring Keychain - 4052704
2 in H
Alluring; My spirit attracts and enchants. Your natural magnetism and engaging charm reveal the irrestistible power of my spirit. May your enchanting ways bring to your life all that is good true and right for you.
Takara Fortunate Keychain - 4052703
2 in H
Fortunate; My spirit seeks and creates. With your creativity and sense of discovery you know the secret of my lucky spirit. In all that you do may you always have the courage to try something new so the blessings of fortune may find you.
Aina Tenderness Keychain - 4052702
4.25 in H
Tenderness; My spirit is warm and loving. With your gentle hand and tender heart you reveal the true kindness of my spirit. May the love and care you generously share be a gift cherished by all blesses to receive it.
Tamako Exquisite Keychain - 4052701
2 in H
Exquisite; My spirit is admired and adored. Your intrinsic beauty and pure perfection are the truest expression of my lovely spirit. May your exquisite soul shine brightly in the world so all may enjoy its beautiful light.
Tsukie Confidence Keychain - 4051378
2 in H
Confidence; My spirit believes and dares. By trusting yourself and taking the chances life brings you receive the blessings of my spirit. May you always dare to have a go believing you can achieve learn and grow whatever direction life may go.
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