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Beauty & the Beast 100 MM - 4059195
5.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
This beauty is certainly the Belle of the ball. With a rose in her outstretched hand, this 5.5-inch waterball by Disney Showcase captures Belle twirling in her classic gold ballgown in beautiful detail.
Sleeping Beauty 100 MM - 4059194
5.5 in H
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Clearly this princess was blessed with the gift of beauty and song. Wearing a golden crown and flowing pink dress, this 5.5-inch waterball by Disney Showcase captures a not-so-sleepy Aurora in beautiful detail.
Winnie the Pooh Water Globe - 4059191
5.5 in H
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Willy nilly silly old bear! Winnie the Pooh cuts a classic figure in this waterball. Dressed in his signature red shirt, honey pot in tow, he appears to walk across a field of flowers. Give the hand-painted base a shake to set the confetti astir.
Tinker Bell 100 MM - 4059190
5.5 in H
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Spunky, rebellious Tinker Bell poses coyly in this waterball. Skilled artisans sculpt the handcrafted design from high-quality stone resin - and hand paint every detail for a flawless finish. Give the base a shake to send up a flurry of confetti.
Beauty & the Beast  120MM - 4059189
8.25 in H
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Their tale is old as time – but takes a fresh turn in this lovely waterball. Belle and the Beast are shown mid waltz, dressed in their iconic ballroom looks. Delicate confetti floats around their figures with a gentle shake to the hand-painted base
Sweetheart Minnie - 4059187
5.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
There’s no hiding the fact that Minnie’s in love! Drawing from the original cartoon, Jim Shore shows Minnie in flapper-inspired bloomers, a blue printed skirt, and red sailor cap with flower detail. Confetti hearts swirl around her swooning figure..
Mickey and Minnie 120 MM - 4059185
6.5 in H
Retailer Log-in
I do, indeed! This winsome waterball lets you sneak a peek at Mickey and Minnie’s dream wedding. Give it a shake to shower the happy couple with colorful confetti. The hand-painted base features a pastel quilt pattern and “Happily Ever After” plaque
Aurora Masquerade - 4046617
8.07 in H
Retailer Log-in
Disney Couture de Force celebrates mystery and enchantment of a royal masquerade ball where villains and princesses mingle & delight. Princess Aurora hides behind her mask depicting the sleepy night moon and dazzling stars.
Holy Family Figurine - 4034768
9.45 in H
Retailer Log-in
Part of the Foundations collection, the Holy Family is a graceful figurine depicting a loving embrace shared between Mary and Joseph while cradling the newborn Christ child.
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