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Clark Trims The Tree - 4054986
4.53 in H
Armed with a chain saw, protected with his hockey mask, Clark is ready to trim the tree.
The Griswold Family Buys A Tre - 4054985
4.17 in H
It’s a fun, old fashioned, family Christmas with the Griswold’s. Join in the experience of finding the perfect tree, just like our ancestors did! This grouping is taken right from the open scenes Christmas Vacation.


Snow Village, Sidewalk Sweets - 4054975
3.5 in H
Sidewalk cart features uniformed vendor offering a box of fine chocolates to the Snow Village shopper. Note the details of the red striped awning. Underneath on display are dozens of hand painted chocolates.
Snow Village, Christmas Sweets - 4054972
4.9 in H
The sweet scent of candy entices everyone on Main Street to stop and smell the chocolates in downtown Snow Village. Unable to resist, a young fellow stops in front to peek inside at the dimensional window display.
Dairy Queen Delivers - 4054971
1.73 in H
Capped with a famous paper hat, one of Santa’s elves arrives on his snow going “treatmobile” with a Dairy Queen Cone. The frosty treats are kept in the on board storage area, which is shaped just like a DQ sandwich.
Santa's DQ Cone House - 4054968
5.2 in H
Just like so many of us, Santa and his elves love to stop at the local Dairy Queen for a Treat. This adorable DQ stand welcomes the folks from the North Pole to walk up, grab a stool, and enjoy a cone, shake, or Dilly bar from the service window.
North Pole, Christmas Sweets - 4054967
7.09 in H
Santa’s hard working elves need a sweet break, too! Mom elf hoists a young elf to peek in the window at the candy counter display inside.
First Christmas Eve Service - 4054966
2.64 in H
Mom and Dad have the baby wrapped in lace trimmed blankets for the midnight service. A perfect commemoration of baby’s first Christmas.
St. Clive's In The Dell - 4054963
6.77 in H
Traditionally, churches are a bestselling design in Dickens Village. The hanging bell used on St. Clive’s caught the attention of our artist and inspired this design. This unique bell is suspended without a tower, ready to call parishioners to service.
Dickens' Village, Christmas Sw - 4054961
7.28 in H
During the Dickensian times in London, Chocolate was a luxury. How appropriate that a chocolatier would be an elegant, upscale building that would serve the crown. Giant molded chocolate Santa’s capture the attention of a young boy and his pup.
Lakeside Service Gift Set - 4057072
5.08 in H
Lakeside Bait is especially busy during the summer, but during the winter business is still brisk. During the colder months, visitors can purchase gas for snowmobiles, and bait for ice fishing. The wood stove inside keeps things toasty.
General Store Gift Set - 4057071
4.92 in H
It’s almost like a daily ritual, one by one, folks stop in to Buck’s General Store for morning coffee and to catch up with neighbors. The good life: where small community living revolves around the general store.
Christmas Eve Church Gift Set - 4057070
7.4 in H
A Holiday in the Woods is a story of solitude and family. But there is one night when the whole community comes together, Christmas Eve. Just before midnight, in small homes throughout the area, folks bundle up for the journey to service.
Holiday Cabin Gift Set - 4057069
5.28 in H
The Holiday Cabin is the ideal place for a Holiday in the Woods. Garlands frame the wide, welcoming front porch. One can almost smell the smoke curling from the chimney, indicating a fire below. Come on inside, where it’s warm and hearts are full.
Lucky 13 Garage - 4050985
5.63 in H
Luckily, there’s a new garage in Snow Village to service cars during the snowy winters. Weather it’s fuel from the gas pump in front, or air from the sculpted hose on the side, the “Lucky 13 Garage” will make sure cars are ready to go.
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