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Wine Glass Let it Snow - 6007853
9.05 in H
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Enjoy the winter wonderland as the snow comes down while you skate across the ice and relish in the snow. As the day winds down, curl up with your favorite glass of wine in front of a toasty fire.
Wine Glass All is Bright - 6007851
9.05 in H
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Light up your holiday season with oversize bulbs adorned in glitter. This glass also has bling on the stem, sure to sparkle as you break out a favorite bottle of wine.
Mini Is it Christmas Yeti? - 6007850
4.13 in H
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Wine Is it Christmas Yeti? - 6007849
9.05 in H
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These yetis can't wait for Christmas! Decorating, caroling, skiing and gifting with a glass of cheer they are ready to celebrate all the fun of the season.
Mini Wine Snazzy Santa - 6007848
4.13 in H
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Wine Glass Snazzy Santa - 6007847
9.05 in H
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Copa Glass Day of the Dead - 6007798
7.67 in H
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Stemless Fleur - 6006779
5 in H
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Anemones, Carnations, Spray roses—all grouped together still represent just one thing, Flowers. These blossoms will brighten up any table. Add them to each place setting or group them together to form a beautiful centerpiece.
Mini Wine Sippin' with Santa - 6005656
4.13 in H
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Santa and Mrs. Claus take a much deserved break between toy making and cookie baking. With wide relaxed smiles and closed eyes, they maybe a few glasses in already. Celebrate another successful season with this miniature wine glass ornament.
Wine Glass Mom You Are Loved - 6001349
8.84 in H
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Lolita glasses combine hand painted accents with sassy messages that celebrate any occasion in style. Arrives in a beautiful gift box with a unique cocktail recipe painted under the base. Made from artisan blown glass. Hand wash
Mickey & Minnie at Soda Shop - 4059751
6.25 in H
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The perfect gift for anyone’s “soda shop” sweetheart. Inspired by a blast from the past, Jim Shore’s latest creation feature’s America’s #1 sweethearts sharing a moment… and a delicious sundae at their favorite soda shop.
Cinematic Moment Belle - 4058293
8.5 in H
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Emma Watson takes the lead role in the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed live action remake of the classic animated film Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” This handcrafted design shows Belle in her yellow gown.
Wine Glass Hearts-A-Million - 4057888
15 Oz. Capacity
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Sometimes it takes a million hearts to really show how you feel! Give a special someone more than a little love with this vibrant 15 oz. glass brimming with effervescent and colorful hearts.
Wine Glass I Love You Mom - 4057886
15 Oz. Capacity
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Raise a glass to one amazing mom! Show her how incredibly loved she is with this fabulous 15 oz. wine glass, perfect for Mother’s Day, holidays, or her next special birthday.
Wine Glass Mom's Love in Bloom - 4052960
15 Oz. Capacity
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A mother’s love is like a beautiful flower in full bloom. Add a little fabulousness and sparkle to Mom’s wine glass collection with this lovingly painted 15 oz. glass featuring crystals and pretty pink petals, perfect for Mother’s Day and birthdays.
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